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Jack's back for the Week 9 update on his yeard journey - and this time, he's going to share his thoughts on hair (on your head, not your face). Hairstyle with beard.

Here at Beardbrand, we like to go beyond the beard - we're about hair, grooming, beards, and lifestyle. That being said, Jack's going to take us through some ideas to consider for our haircuts and hairstyles depending on what kind of beards we're sporting.

Want to change your style or look and don't know where to start? Here's a video comment that stuck with Jack that rings true for many: "If you have a messy beard, you can have neat hair. if you have a neat beard, you can have messy hair."

PRO TIP- A messy hairstyle doesn't necessarily mean straight up "messy" - it can be anything that isn't polished and held down with product - a looser style with less or no product.

Men's beard and hair styles

If you rock a natural looking beard, slicker haircuts like the executive contour can go a long way to balance your look.

If you have a manicured and heavily groomed beard, you can balance your look with a looser, longer haircut to complement the trimmed beard.

Jack enjoys wearing a traditional swept back hairstyle with product - his thick hair and high hairline lend themselves well to this look, and our Styling Balm is a great choice for a firm hold without requiring tons of product.

Popular men's facial hair styles

If you're looking for a "wetter" look where it's clear that your hair has product, this can still be achieved with Styling Balm - just be more generous with it!

In sum - if you're looking to change up your look and don't know where to start, you can start with trying to balance your beard and haircut (of course, if you love your look, we're not seeking to judge or change any looks - we're merely offering advice to those who are just starting to find their own aesthetic).
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