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Moustaches and beards have spruced up on many men’s faces and taken over the world of fashion. Actually, some men are fond of beard for biological reasons. It is not always tough to let your goatee grow but you need to find a trendy style if you want to become a bearded model. If you want to rock some spectacular facial hair, you should join the modeling community and who knows you might become a star. Find out what you need to do first. Best beard models.

How to become a Beard Model

1. Let your beard grow

This is no brainer. To become a bearded model, you must learn to groom yourself. It is paramount that you constantly apply beard oil and visit the barber more often. You would be luckier if you are naturally endowed with bushy and thick Santa Claus. Have you checked out top beard models looking all clean and attractive with smooth faces? They put efforts into it and so should you.

2. Visit a professional agency

This you should do in person. The agencies would be more convinced if you talk to them face to face because images can sometimes deceive. And before you get there, do not pay for any images because you will not be making a difference. Then you must research about the requirements of the agency e.g. the weight and height. The industry works with certain standards and it ensures that all models fit in clothes and sizes provided. Another thing you must prepare for is possible rejection. Note that the professional agencies are very particular. You could be very handsome but you need a full package in order to sell. If you happen to be rejected, do not lose hope but rather take it on board. You can ask for other avenue suggestions.

In most cases, agencies are looking for proactive men who are curious, confident, professional, and polite. Your manners contribute to a great extent your success rate for becoming a beard model. However, do not portray yourself as too desperate or needy. Be sure to start on the right foot by dressing stylish and display charisma. A great style is a plus but a good personality will take you far. These two main factors are the main adjudication criteria because the agency wants to see how you will be perceived by clients.

3. Learn the fashionable beard styles

Beard comes with a particular ambiance of sexual appeal, regality, and mystery. It can be of different shape and size and there is nothing like a one-size-fits-all. There are countless and amazing styles you can choose from and picking one is no easy. To bring a spectacular level of awesomeness, consider pairing your beard with a hairstyle. Do you need some dope inspirations for styling the goatee? Look no further because the following tips are here to help you depending on your facial hair characteristics.

a) Victorian full beard

This is a style that needs a lot of time to grow but less effort to groom. The trend began in the mid-1800s when shaving creams were hard to find due to the war which was going on. As soon as the war came to an end, heroes came back with full beards and other people began emulating them as it was an emblem of integrity, soldiery, courage, and honor. The style became a sign of heroism and spread like wildfire. In the present day, a full beard is revered and awed as the perfection.

b) Classic goatee

This is an easy thick beard that is worn at the chin and disconnected with the mustache. It is inspired by goats.

c) The Spartan

This is a variation of the full beard. The only exception is the trim along the cheeks and a highlight on chin and jaws.

d) Chin strap

Like the name suggests, a beard is allowed to grow under the edges of the jaw line, extending from the side burns all the way to the chin. But the mustache is shaved. It is popular for weird reasons.

e) Van Dyke

Also known as the French beard, van dyke is a peculiar mane style whereby the chin hair and mustache are disconnected and can be of varied styles. Sometimes the beard is shaped as oval with mustache spinning out like handlebar style. It has been there since a hundred centuries ago but not every man would pull out a perfect van dyke style. Good luck if you want to support it!

f) Tight beard

If you want to maintain a tidy and short facial hair that aligns with the symmetry of your face, tight is the way to go. Your trimmer should be set to 2 or 3 millimeters and apply it loosely on the facial hair.

Different types of shaving styles

g) The tough biker

This is the look of a heavy goatee connected to a walrus mustache.

h) The stubble

The stubble also knew as the shadow and very common with superstars. It suits men who can grow their beard hair fast and with a strong chin. It is quite simple to maintain and all that is needed is setting the trimmer to 0.5-1 millimeter.

i) The Wolverine

This is for free-styled men who don’t care about what people think of them. The beard is simply left to grow naturally and then the chin hair trimmed at the middle. It looks great on a strong jaw.

j) Tony Stark

This is another style that is specific to certain facial shapes and age. It is ideal for men who are in their late 30s and early 40s with highlighted jaw lines, fatless faces, and strong chins. It is not suitable for heavy guys. The mustache and chin hair is disconnected and highly trimmed.

4. Know the right products

Beards can be terrifying if not taken care of but thanks to male grooming products they can be made more enticing. The days of snubbing a bearded man are over and beard models reap the benefits of their hard grooming work. Since growing the facial hair will be your habit if you become a beard model, you must differentiate between quality and substandard beard products. Your goatee will require a lot of moisturizing and styling for it to last long. The following are products you should try if you want to be a model.

a) Natural beard conditioner

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You require a quality leave-in conditioner after every wash. This is one way of keeping a smooth skin under beard and no woman will be scared to kiss you. Make sure you purchase 100% organic conditioner. Always apply the conditioner after washing your good conditioner also soften a beard.

b) Beard oil

Beard oil helps to preserve moisture by forming a layer around the hair shafts. As such, your goatee stays shiny and smooth. It is advisable to massage the oil through your beard after cleansing and comb afterward. If you want to prevent beard itching and beard dandruff, always apply beard oil. It is normally a light product that will have your facial hair feeling greasy and cool.

c) Shave soap

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Regular trimming of beards is paramount if you want to have a standout facial hair. Natural shave soap made of honey and oatmeal leaves a sweet smell and a smooth skin behind after shaving. It is not like the regular shaving creams but a quality product containing pure organic ingredients and oils.

Male facial hair styles

d) Moustache Wax

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The peppermint wax smells good and comes as a great surprise for your lovely mustache. It protects your facial hair from the rough and dry skin under beard.

5. Embrace the habits of beard models

As a proud owner of beard, you need to help other men understand how it feels like when you let your inner masculine animal come out. This is how you should conduct yourself:

a) Take beard as your greatest attainment

A beard model is best known for their goatee. Therefore, you must embrace it and as your personal style. Be creative and confident because you have a genuine sense of achievement.

b) Be as great as your beard size

As explained above in the styles of beard you can try, there is a certain design that best suits you. Choose one that represents your personality. For instance, try the Wolverine style if you are more of a free-spirited individual. If you are skinny, go for the tony stark.

6. Teach the benefits of growing beard

Any popular trend is a target for critiques. Some people do not understand the importance of keeping the beard or they just don’t like it. Beard models have become popular all over the globe and they represent various types of personal styles that shape individuals. Nevertheless, not everyone supports this idea and many prefer to let go of the goatee.

Fortunately, for those who prefer to keep and adore beard, they have more reasons other than just displaying a personal style. Beard modeling can take someone far and there is a need for people to be educated on the health benefits of maintaining the mustache. Research shows that those who keep it are healthier than those who cut it.

a) Protecting the skin from UV rays

Almost all the UV rays which come from the sun get blocked by the beard in order to protect the skin below. UV rays are known to cause skin cancer hence the thicker the beard, the better.

b) Reducing acne

Shaving facial hair facilitates the spread of bacteria which causes acne. If you allow beard to grow and take good care of it encourages the development of a healthy and flawless skin.

c) Minimizing asthma and allergic reactions

If you have an issue with pollen and dust, beard helps to filter and protect you from such impurities. It is like the hair that is present in the nostrils.

Hairstyles with goatee

d) Prolonged lifespan

Beard lowers the rate of aging in the sense that UV rays are blocked so that the skin stays safe from cancer. That is why the beard models have a very young skin.

e) Flawless skin

Beard prevents a lot of skin flaws such as razor cuts, ingrowths, and other complications that arise from shaving. Without cuts on the face, it is easy to keep at bay various infections such as folliculitis which cause the formation of weird spots.

If you want to forget about small cuts and nicks on your face, try to keep your beard long. Another benefit is that during cold weather, facial hair keeps the skin under it warm and the longer the hair, the better the insulation.

7. Take basic photos

The commonly asked question by aspiring beard models is, “how can I become a beard model?”. A lot of books, magazines and websites give confusing information which can be overwhelming to a newbie who is just starting out. One thing you should not forget is to take a lot of pictures to fill your portfolio.

This is the very first step to help you get started. The only snapshots you require to present to an agency are nice facial pictures, whether smiling or not; as well as full body shots all showcasing the beard. You will require different pictures from full body, quarter body, and headshots. To ensure that your pictures stand out, visit a professional photographer and have several taken. As far as makeup is concerned, go easy on it as it should only improve your natural looks. Pay close attention to the outfit because it should complement your beard. As a male model, you want to showcase your fitness level and so you must stay physically fit.

8. Learn the basic modeling techniques

A model must be an expert of his craft. There is a need to enroll in a renowned modeling school in order to grasp the different modeling techniques. From In case, you don’t know a reputable school, ask around for referrals.

Did you know that beard is not only a facial accessory but also a lifesaving body feature? Today, beard models teach men the importance of growing a goatee. It is surprising that few men let this hair grow despite the many benefits that come with it. If you would like to become a beard model, there are things you need to get straight starting with the benefits of growing facial hair to the lifestyle you should lead. If anyone tells you to let go of your mustache, silence them by explaining that you enjoy a healthier skin and longer life.
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