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Beards are back and with so many different beard styles to choose from it's hard to decide on one. Make sure your beard reflects your personality and also enhances your best features. The beard you choose makes a bold statement about you and who you are like nothing else. There are no wrong beard types, just your personal preference to guide you. Whether it's a traditional long hair beard, a sophisticated goatee beard, or an awe inspiring big beard there's a style to suit every man. Types of men's beards.

Check out the National Beard Registry where you can register for free and post your photo. The Registry's primary mission is to appreciate the virtues of a full natural beard although all types of beards of course are welcome. It's a great place to meet like-minded beard devotees in your local area and share the beard power. Here's a beard gallery of noteworthy historical a nd contempor ary beards for your viewing pleasure. There's so many mens beard styles to choose from. Solicit advice and opinions from others, but find one that fits your personality. Fortunately with beards, if one doesn't work out you can always try another. Here's a chart of popular styles to help you get started.

This style is named after Anthony van Dyck, a 17 th century Flemish painter. It's easily recognizable by it's combination of goatee beard, mustache and clean-shaven cheeks. As with many styles it has several variations. Some claim the mustache and beard must be completely separated to qualify as a true Van Dyke, while others say not so. Regardless of which version you prefer, it's a flattering style for those with strong hair growth around the chin and mouth but less so on the cheeks. For centuries men have sported this popular look including the likes of William Shakespeare, Buffalo Bill and Vladimir Lenin. It continues to be a contemporary favorite as well.

The classic goatee is named after the beard that billy goats have. It's a small chin beard paired with clean shaven cheeks and jawline. Typically the beard is about the same width as the mouth but there are no hard and fast rules here. Personal preference and whatever shape flatters the face best takes precedence. Goatee beards can grow long and full or stay short and trimmed. They're a good choice when you want to build up a weak chin or make a round face appear longer. They're a contemporary favorite and very attractive when neatly groomed.

Learning how to grow goatee beard hair is pretty straightforward.

Detailed beard designs

In the beginning allow a larger area of hair to grow on chin so that later it can be shaped easier;

Don't touch chin hair growth until it's at least ½ inch long. Continue shaving cheeks;

As hair grows longer use small scissors to shape and adjust length as needed.

The Amish in America have been identified by this unique style for over 200 years. Facial hair has always been popular with Amish. However, when they suffered persecution in Europe by mustachioed soldiers they decided to shave off their mustaches as an act of solidarity and to differentiate themselves. Amish beards are characterized by continuous natural hair growth completely around the face except for the upper lip which is always kept clean shaven. Amish beard styles are a symbol of adult manhood, and men are allowed to grow them only after they have married.

Different beard looks

Beards can be used to draw attention to or away from certain facial features. Big thick beards are a great choice for those who want to minimize a weak jawline. Men with thinning hair or bald heads may find a stylish short stubble beard to be just the right distraction without creating too much of a contrast. Try to maintain a visual balance between beard, mustache and sideburns. Men with large beards can easily brandish a hefty mustache and sideburns, whereas a pencil thin mustache would look disproportionate.

When contemplating which shapes of beards would look best on you, consider your facial shape. Long faces should avoid long beard styles which only exaggerate this feature. Instead, bulky sideburns would add needed width to visually shorten a long face. By the same reasoning a round face would benefit from a long goatee and no sideburns to make the face appear longer. For an immaculate, well-groomed look be sure to trim your beard regularly. Here are some recommended trimmers and product features to consider.

Growing a beard can be a bit of an adventure. Always unpredictable, some times exhilarating, other times irritating. The key to success is patience. Hair grows at varying rates so you may experience small bare patches or thin growth at times. It will all fill in eventually so just stay the course.

New beard growth can be itchy, sometimes flaky and may make you cranky. Here's a beard growing tip you don't want to ignore. Pamper yourself with a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for beards. Together they'll soften hair, moisturize skin, minimize itching and discourage ingrown hairs. Also, invest in a quality beard brush. As more beard hair grows out brushing it will encourage the style you want as well as distribute oils to keep hair soft and shiny.

Best beard styles for oval face

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