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Easy to maintain, adding a dash of style to your face and minimalistic in look, the soul patch beard is the new look to have. Now you can, with these simple 7 steps, sport this stylish soul patch beard style! Stylish shave style.

A soul patch is simply what it is named after - a small patch of facial hair, just under your lower lip and right above the chin. But did you know what puts the “soul” in the soul patch? According to historians, this minimalistic beard style came into style in the 1950 and 60’s when jazz music was at its pinnacle. Sported mostly by African American jazz musicians, this little patch of hair offered musicians cushioning, particularly after long jam sessions. Intrigued by this legend? These days this backstory remains unknown, but this style remains as soulful as ever. So what are you waiting for? Check out these seven simple steps to create one of the simplest soul patch styles.

If you have a full and fuzzy beard, or stubble all over, give yourself a nice even trim – using a full sized trimmer (around 3-5 millimetres). Leave the area under your chin, where the soul patch rests, untrimmed.

Now, use a precision trimmer to carefully trim and shape the hair under your chin, until all that remains is a small tuft of hair, right under your lower lip.

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Switch over to a mini foil shaver for the third step of the process. Use this to make sure that the edges of your soul patch are neat and shaped correctly (no stray hairs! Be precise.)

For shaping and maintaining your soul patch, use a beard or stubble trimmer. Choose the length that suits your face. This style is all about personality, so you’re free to choose the size and length of your soul patch.

Finally, using a rotary shaver, shave your cheeks and neck clean (the soul patch should stand out starkly on your face, and not be side-lined by any other facial hair.) To maximum comfort, shave your cheeks and neck in slow, circular motions.

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For shaving the narrower areas around your soul patch, shave your facial hair using a mini foil shaver.

In terms of easy maintenance, you’ve chosen the right style. As long as you keep your face and neck clean shaven, your soul patch will take centre stage. You can continuously experiment with the shape and length of your soul patch using a precision trimmer.

So, switch on some 60’s jazz music, pick up your razor and start trimming!

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