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You might be a lifelong lover of facial hair; perhaps you always stay abreast of the latest beard styles, or you’re jumping on the trendwaggon in 2017. No matter which option describes you, all beardsmen are welcome here. Small beard styles 2016.

This year, there’s no cooler accessory than a well-groomed beard, though with record-breaking heat levels, it isn’t an easy one to pull off. Not comfortably anyway.

So, whether you are bored of the same old style, or you find it becomes uncomfortable when the weather gets warmer, here are some new looks and tips for keeping your beard hydrated and comfy.

Beard Grooming & Growth

Growing and maintaining an impressive beard starts with patience, and involves everything from healthy eating to washing, exfoliating and drying properly – never mind investing in the essentials, like a trimmer and beard oil.

You can find all of our top tips for looking after your beard year-round right here.

Looking After a Summer Beard

Honestly, beard gospel doesn’t change up too much in summer, but it’s worth making a little extra effort to feel more comfortable.

Beard and style

1. You’ll remember the story of The Twits by Roald Dahl from when you were little, we’re sure, and you’ll definitely remember how gross Mr Twit’s beard was, full of food and whatnot.

Roald was right to point it out – any debris or dirt is going to make warm, clammy skin irritated and itchy in no time. Invest in a daily, professional-grade cleanser to keep your beard clean, and pat dry.

2. It’s important to hydrate your body too. If you needed yet another reason to drink your two litres a day, water will ensure that hair is nourished and prevent breakage, while the sun is doing all it can to leave hair dry and weak.

3. Mixing up the beard oil can have more of an impact than you imagine. Avoid wintery, spicy musks and choose a citrus-based oil for something a little more cooling. A limey boost is sure to help you wake up in the mornings too!

4. Cut down on beard mass. Opt for a simpler style for the season – anything that is around the one inch mark or shorter in length should give your skin a little more room to breathe.

Best beard styles for oval face

Cool Beard Designs for 2017

1. Ryan Gosling’s magnificent “I actually forgot I had a beard, that’s how little I groom it. It just looks this good naturally”. We believe you Ryan. A short and somewhat patchy all-over trim, slightly sculpted around the ‘stache and soul patch.

2. Drake is the King of a defined beard, with full coverage and bold lines, which merge into the sideburn.

3. Plenty of athletes like David Beckham choose this beard because it’s a lot easier to look after. Let your beard grow all over, but keep the cut close to your face. Your moustache can stand alone and the beard can grow into your soul patch, though you should keep this area trimmed for definition.

4. Johnny Depp has made some unusual fashion choices in his day, but as far as we are concerned, his beard-shaping has pretty much always been on point. In fact, he has had a similar style for YEARS (even throughout some movies) and it’s one of the best. A tailored moustache, soul patch and a small goatee, with the rest of the face clean-shaven.

5. The ‘stache-only look is seeing a revival this year too, on many a famous face, but for us, James Franco just brought it back single-handedly and his version is still pretty unique. All-over clean shaven again, with a full moustache, shaved down the middle and trimmed to long stubble.

Beard styles latest 2016

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