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Sometimes it is easier to let the hair on your face grow into a beard than to constantly shave it to keep it smooth. Thankfully, there are options when it comes to beard shapes and sizes. You can allow the beard to grow thick and long like Tom Hanks did in “Cast Away,” or you can keep it short and stubbly like David Beckham does. The trick to a stylish beard, whether long, short or trendy, is to maintain the style with appropriate trimming. Beard trim styles.

The Full Beard

One of the most common shapes for the beard is the full beard. Growing this type of beard is simple – just leave your face alone. While it will itch during the growing process, it is easy to maintain during and after you reach your desired length. As the beard grows, keep it in line by using beard trimmers around the sideburns and jaw line. Once you reach the desired length, keep the beard trim with beard trimmers and grooming scissors. You should also wash the beard with shampoo every time you shower. If you desire a shorter beard then always wait until it is completely dry before you trim; hair is longer when wet and will shrink when short.

The Chin Strap

The chin strap style is a full beard that connects with the sideburns. Unlike the full beard, the chin strap typically is kept short instead of long. Grow the chin strap style by allowing your natural beard and sideburn hairs to grow. Your sideburns may grow slower than your beard hair, so keep your beard hair short with beard trimmers while the sideburns grow. Once the sideburns and beard hair are the same length, maintain the look with daily trimmings with a beard trimmer and keep the lines smooth with a razor.

Mens hair and beard style


Goatees are named for their resemblance to the small tuft of hair found on the chin of a Billy Goat. Creating this look from a clean shave is simple because you can control the hair as it grows. Use your lower lips as a guide to grow the goatee. The beard will extend from just below the outer corners of the lips downward, just under the chin and stop 1 to 2 inches from your neckline. In addition, the goatee can include a moustache around your upper lip. Trimming the goatee is simple; use a beard trimmers or a straight razor to remove whiskers everywhere on your face except the goatee line.

Stubble Beard

The stubble beard, or 5 O’clock shadow, is a combination of scruffy and trendy. Like other beard styles, the look is simple to maintain with a beard trimmer. Keep your sideburns trimmed so they do not connect with the stubble. Allow the beard to grow slightly, about one or two days, and then begin to maintain the style. Use a straight razor to create a thick jaw line or a thin jaw line and keep the neckline free of stubble. Use beard trimmers to maintain the beard height to your preference.

Popular facial hair styles 2016

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