Men in beared. Essential Beard Men s Grooming Tips

Beards are everywhere, not just some isolated pocket of Brooklyn. From office drones to adventurous travelers, lots of guys have embraced this masculine style. Beard trim styles.

But it’s not always easy to groom a great beard. It takes time and effort. And sometimes your beard just doesn’t come in right. Actors, musicians, and artists always seem to have perfectly groomed beards. How do they do it?

The truth? It’s pretty easy. And you can do it too.

Apply these essential men’s grooming tips to your beard. It won’t take more than 10-15 minutes out of your day to apply all the suggestions in this article. But it will make a world of difference.

Get the Right Tools

Are you trimming your beard with kitchen scissors? Oh boy, you’ve got a long way to go.

Beard Trimmer - A cordless option is best since it’s easy to use. You don’t want to get tangled up in a bunch of wires. Check a few reviews before you buy. Some trimmers are best for certain beard styles. Do a little homework and you’ll be that much happier with your beard trimmer.

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Scissors - The more manual approach is to trim with scissors and a comb. Even if you don’t want to trim this way, you should still have a solid pair of precision scissors on hand. That way you can trim errant hairs. This is especially helpful if you rock a longer beard and need to even things out.


Take good care of your beard. If not, it can turn into a dry, itchy mess. Beardruff is no good.

If you keep your face clean and hydrated, your beard will look it’s best. So use face wash for men everyday. It’s best when used in the morning and in the evening. Always follow up with face moisturizer for men.

What’s the big deal with beard oil?

The skin under your beard is sensitive. It’s covered with hair. It tends to get dry and itchy.

Moisturizing your face is a good first step. But when you have a beard, you need to go beyond that. You need to use beard oil. Just a few drops worked into your beard daily will make a huge difference.

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Beard oil enhances the look and feel of your facial hair. It's essential oils produce a natural, healthy shine. Beard oil also penetrates the sensitive skin beneath your whiskers, keeping it clean and moisturized.

Know Your Style

You need to have a clear idea of your beard style before you start trimming. Having a men’s grooming plan prevents disaster, just like in most areas life.

You don’t need some newfangled beard style that is all your own. Search online for popular styles. Find a famous guy who rocks a beard you love. Copy it. No shame in imitation - it’s the sincerest form of need to have a clear idea of your beard style before you start trimming. Having a men’s grooming plan prevents disaster, just like in most areas life.

One big warning: Don’t over-trim. It will ruin your look. Trimming too much has the same visual effect as squeezing big legs into skinny jeans or wearing a shirt one size too tight. You end up accentuating all the wrong things. It’s just all bad.

How can you clean up your neckline without creating a too-trimmed look? For most guys, setting the neckline 1-2 finger widths above the Adam’s apple is best. Another way to measure is to drop your chin and trim the neckline at the place your skin folds on your neck.

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Stick to a Routine

Maintaining an eye catching beard doesn’t have to be hard work. But it does require that you stick to a solid routine. Take the time to use face wash for men each day. But don't skip the beard oil. It's natural oils will give your whiskers the perfect texture and shine.

Stick to your routine, keep that thing trimmed, and don't skimp on the beard oil. Amongst all the bearded guys, you’ll stand out because of your dedication to good men’s grooming.
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