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Short beard styles: Investing on facial hair grooming can be the best and cheapest alternative if you want to change your image, and short beard styles can be one of the ideal ones to suit every type of face and men of all ages. Beard trim styles.

1. Short beards can be a better alternative for those who find it difficult to flaunt a long beard style.

2. Short beard styles involve trimming down the facial hair to a shorter length, making the cut distinct and smart.

3. The short beard is groomed at the neck and the cheeks, and you can call it buzz cut beard style due to the low setting of the facial hair which is clipped to a uniform length.

1. Whether short beard styles will work for you or not depends upon the growth pattern of your facial hair.

2. Some men have difficulty in growing beards to a length, for whom this style can highlight the gaps.

3. The short beard style will suit those having uniform growth of the facial hair. It also depends on the shape of your face.

4. If you have a rounder and larger face, you can opt for the stubble beard, finishing it off with sharpening the lines that encircle your cheeks.

1. Using an electric trimmer set to 1 to 5 millimeters, trim the facial hair only twice a week in order to maintain the tone and softness of the skin.

2. Wash your face with a quality face wash or an exfoliator before using the trimmer.

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3. Apply a moisturizer after trimming the beard so that there are no effects of the abrasion caused due to using the trimmer.

The first and foremost thing is to decide whether a stubble beard is right for your type of facial hair and shape of your face. Follow these steps to maintain a stubble beard properly.

1. Keep away from shaving for at least one week to see how much your facial hair grows.

2. Trim the beard using a trimmer set to about 5 millimeters.

3. Shorten the stubble in phases.

4. Clean up the edges using a razor.

5. Fade the hair along the neckline

#1: Stubble

Trim the beard using a trimmer set to 1 to 5 millimeters twice a week. Use a face wash before and a moisturizer after trimming the facial hair. Clean the edges around the neckline and the cheek.

#2: Tailored Beard

Setting the trimmer to trim the facial hair to your desired length, trim after every four days. Cut the hair shorter in the areas having longer growth. Dry the hair after washing and rinsing and use a styling gel to make the beard look glossy.

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#3: Fade Beard Style

This is a short beard style with the fade haircut, where the sideburns are tapered in order to fade it right into the beard. You can also give the beard a definite shape so that the skin is exposed.

#4: The Short Beard

Set the trimmer between 3 to 5 millimeters and trim the facial hair evenly. This you can do by trimming the hair shorter in the areas where there is longer growth. Do not let any part of the hair to fall over the lips.

#5: Stubble Fade

The stubble beard style with fade is a smarter short beard style where the stubble beard combines with a fade hairstyle. The facial hair is kept to a bare minimum, trimming it every alternate day.

#6: Clean and short goatee

The goatee style with a small soul patch looks clean and smart on a face which is round in shape and clean shaven. A mustache connecting the beard can add style to this short beard style.

#7: The classic short beard style

Here is a short beard style where the goatee is styled in a different version. Looks classic, especially when the mustache connects the beard on the sides.

#8: The close cut

In this short beard style, the face is covered with hair that is very closely cut looking as though there is no beard at all. This style can perfectly match those who have their skin color similar to their facial hair.

#9: The modest beard style

The modest beard style has the facial hair closely trimmed and the mustache cut shorter. The structure of the chin will shine, especially if your soul patch is extended. You will need a trimmer set to a smaller size and you can do it yourself at home.

#10: Modest Chin Style

Here is a short beard style where the facial hair is allowed to grow up to the chin and then is tapered. Although this style is a full beard style, it falls under the category of short beard styles. You will need to trim the beard daily to keep it in proper shape.

#11: The artistic beard style in a goatee

You can style the goatee in variations that include this artistic short beard style, where the sides of the face are shaved clean to prevent the sideburns from connecting the beard. The entire style frames your mouth perfectly.

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#12: Chin Beard, Mustache, and Long Hair

This short beard style allows the mustache and the beard to be separate so that a full goatee is not grown. If you want to add to the style, let your chin beard grow to connect to the sideburns. You will need to visit a salon at least twice a week in order to maintain the shape.

#13: Full and Short

This is a variation of the short beard style, although the beard looks long. Keeping the beard full and short will give a look of intensity. If you are lucky enough to grow your beard to this full but short in length, you can flaunt this style easily.

#14: Wispy and thick soul patch

This short beard style has the beard short and stubby with the other areas of the face having more intensity. The prominent soul patch and mustache highlights this beard style.

#15: The short beard with lines

Lining up your beard style is one of the most popular short beard styles. The sharp angles and the smooth curves make the lines look razor sharp. You will need a professional hand and regular maintenance.
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