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Diamond shaped faces realise their potential through encouraging balanced proportions. These involves curbing prominent characteristics whilst highlighting more recessive traits.

In this guide for men, you will learn how to properly style a diamond face shape. You’ll also discover the best haircuts, beard styles, moustaches styles and glasses that suit its features.

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You will be shown stylised graphics for each of the styles that we recommend, which are links that lead to full guides on how to achieve this look for your face shape.

If you have a Diamond face shape, the following description may sound familiar:

Your face length is the largest measurement, followed by your cheekbones, forehead width and jawline. You likely have strong cheekbones with a long, tapering jawline.

How to shave beard

If this sounds correct, keep reading! However, if you’re not convinced, keep in mind that we cover 7 unique face shapes. You can identify your face shape following our simple guide.

Note that the above description is a generalisation. There may be discrepancies and exceptions. Your own face may fit several categories and be something of a hybrid of two or more.

Nevertheless, by narrowing down your definition to a single shape, you will be able to streamline your approach to styling.

Diamond Face Shape Specifications

The above diagram serves to break down a Diamond face shape’s particular characteristics. As you will notice, its sharp cheekbones create a wide spread that is the centre of attention. A narrower forehead and even narrower jawline create the illusion of an angular appearance. Otherwise, it’s a tall face with a deeply defined whilst narrow bone structure.

Like its namesake, this face shape is something of a rare treasure. With refined features and an angular bone structure, a little polish with some carefully selected styling and grooming can really make it shine!

Best Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

Cool goatee styles

With already strong cheekbones, the objective is to balance the overall structure by adding build to the forehead and chin. Volume on top will balance out the proportions and keeping a classic, shorter hairline in the front reveals the forehead. Favouring scissor cuts will ensure softer contours and layers to avoid an overly geometric result.

Keep the sides relatively full. Volume compliments the jawline and provides width whilst short sides run the risk of enlarging the ears due to the strong cheekbones. A side part, fringe or quiff can hang to the side and arch towards the nose line, which also draws the gaze to the centre of the face. Longer hair generally works well with a diamond shape as rounder volume doesn’t risk undermining existing features.

Soften angularity of features

Avoid aggressive cuts that further sharpen features

Short sides come with a Dumbo ear warning

Recommended Hairstyles

Best Glasses For Diamond Face Shapes

When choosing glasses for a diamond face shape, remember its characteristic angular features. Opt for rounder glasses in order to create balance by slightly softening them. With a forehead proportionately narrower than the cheekbones, top-heavy trapezoid styles are also a good option. These will help offset the forehead for a squarer finish.

Clean cut beard styles

However, ensure that the glasses fit properly. If they are too wide, they risk actually exaggerating the narrowness of the forehead.

Finally, although round glasses are the most recommended, this does not rule out squarer frames either. If they have rounded or bevelled corners, they can complement your sharper features. Just try to avoid geometric or angular shapes as this may have an adverse effect on your structural harmony.

Recommended Glasses For A Diamond Face Shape
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