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Mens haircuts & styling at Denise Thomas Hair Salons, Litherland & Crosby, Liverpool

Your hair is an extension of your personal style and attitude and at our barbers in Litherland our professional team of stylists are focused on providing customer satisfaction to all our male clients. At Denise Thomas Salon & Barbers in Liverpool we are aware of the latest hairstyle trends creating a modern or classic style. Short hairstyle with beard.

Check out these looks for hairstyle inspiration, learn some tricks on how to thicken fine hair, tame unruly strands and shape your style. From traditional side partings and quiffs, undone styles, to classic men’s short back and side haircuts, we will advise you after consultation on a style to suit your lifestyle and your personality. Get noticed with a brand new style from Denise Thomas Salon & Barbers, our gents haircuts are tailored to the individual.

Give us a call today to book your appointment at Denise Thomas Salon & Barbers in Litherland and Crosby, any one of our men’s hairstyles will have you looking sharp and ready to take on the world.

Modern Side Part Styles for Men

The side part is the classic men’s hairstyle, second only to the long on top, short back and sides cut. For a different look add twists like a fringe, matte finish or a messy texture. Take a look at these modern side part hairstyles for men.

Short Hairstyles for Men at Top Litherland Hairdressers

Short hairstyles for men are fun and easy styles to maintain and never go out of fashion. Short hairstyles give a neat clean look, you not only have a classy look for office or business but you can also wear a trendy look for parties or functions. If you have a thin or a thick head of hair, both can benefit from a short textured hairstyle.

Goatee beard styles

Style with a wax to finish the look adding definition to your new haircut and style. Keep up with regular hair maintenance appointments to keep your short hair looking good.

Mid Length Hairstyles for Men at Crosby Barbering Salon

Mid length hair is the most popular of all hair lengths for men, not just because it looks incredibly sexy, but also because it is extremely versatile and can be played with and shaped into a style to suit any occasion.

Check out these mid length hairstyles for inspiration and speak to your stylist on advice on using the right products to create different looks.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Growing a long hairstyle is more than just letting your hair grow out. You need to maintain that mane.

Shave styles 2016

Many men decide to grow their hair long, especially younger men who wear their hair with wide swept fringes or men with naturally curly hair. Add some layers to longer hair to enhance your natural hair type. Long hair needs care and attention to keep it looking great, keep up with regular trims to keep it looking good. Men with long hair always get noticed and stand out in any crowd.

Beard Styles

Beards of all lengths can be as unique as hairstyles. Like hair, beard shaping should be based on how your beard grows first, and then on what you want. If you’re not sure where to start, book in for a consultation at Denise Thomas Barbers to start to get a flattering shape that you can maintain. A beard will look its best over the summer and is a stylish choice any time of year. Wear it short, long, or groomed into a distinct shape to suit your look. As the beard trend progresses, facial hair is getting bigger and bushier!

Short Beard Styles

Like a short hairstyle a short beard is quick and easy to maintain, not all men wear a groomed beard because they can’t grow a long one. From an ultra-short stubble beard, with only a few days away from the razor, this look is trimmed short and groomed at the cheeks and neck. For men with less than full facial hair growth, the short groomed beard is the way to go.

Long Beard Styles

A long beard requires some maintenance and grooming to look its best and benefits from cleansing and conditioning. A facial scrub for occasional cleansing is advised and beard oils to condition hair and keep it soft. Brush your beard to distribute oils, keep it flat, and make hair manageable.

Face dadhi style

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