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Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron really knows how to rock his style. Although this style has evolved over the years, Efron always looks good, whether he’s on the red carpet, on set or relaxing on a tropical beach. You can certainly borrow Zac’s fashionable style; all you need is an Efron-inspired beard style with a cool but easy hairstyle to match. Hairstyle for beard face.

Zac Efron Beard Styles with Handsome Hairstyles

Whether he’s working or playing, Efron always knows how to look his best by choosing beard styles that suit his look and adding hairstyles that complement the overall look.

#1: The Very Short Efron Bear with A Sleek Pompadour

Efron looks handsome in a very short beard. It’s really barely more than stubble, but it’s cleaned up enough to look well kept and clean. Paired with a stylish, sleek pompadour-inspired hair cut, he’s ready for almost any occasion. You too can rock this style but trimming your facial hair down and creating your own pompadour-inspired hairdo. This versatile look suits many occasions and can look handsome on nearly any man.

#2: The Five-o’Clock Shadow With a Faux Hawk Shaped Hairstyle

A slightly scruffy 5-o’clock shadow pairs well with hair shaped like the popular faux hawk. While the facial hair requires no work, the hairstyle requires a good cut and minimal styling. Just work wax or styling paste into the longer top portions of your hair and gently push it into the style you want. This can give you a very trendy, youthful look.

Goatee beard styles

#3: A Clean Shaven Beard with a High-and-Tight Cut

No facial hair? No problem! You can still wear this Efron-inspired look. The classic high-and-tight hairstyle is handsome when the length is shaped to be full and the tiniest bit spiky. Although it’s longer than the traditional military high-and-tight, it’s still a very wearable cut that can be styled with styling paste or worn naturally. The clean shaven face emphasizes handsome facial features. This look works well for everyday or more formal occasions.

#4: Clean Shaven with a Grown Out Caesar Cut

In this throwback to his High School Musical days, we see a clean shaven Efron with a slightly messy, grown out Caesar hairstyle. This look is youthful and easy to wear. The grown out Caesar works well on textured hair. But it provides an effortless look that is still a definite style. Paired with Efron’s clean shave, it’s a youthful, easy look that can be worn by many men.

#5: Stubble with a Blown Back Front Hairstyle

Intentional stubble or a very shortly trimmed beard is a handsome style that suits almost any man, not just Zac Efron. When paired with a haircut that is so intentionally styled, you get a look that is polished and stylish. This moves the stubbly facial hair from don’t-care to high-style.

Some beard styles

#6: A Closely Trimmed Balbo Beard style with a Traditional Comb-Over Cut

Here we see a traditional Balbo beard style, with the mustache trimmed to be visually separated from the rest of the facial hair. When paired with a classic Western style, comb over men’s cut, you get a look that is less trendy. This classic pairing works well for many men

#7: Clean Shaven with a Spiky Style

Efron’s handsome features work well with this clean-shaven look, and this look can work for you too. His slightly messy, spiky hairstyle adds a trendy and fun element to his look. The hair balances out the seriousness of his clean face. With the right haircut and a tiny bit of styling paste, you can easily recreate this look.

Zac Efron always looks great, but while he has a definite sense of style, it’s one that can be easily worn by many men. If you are ready to change up your look, consider one of these fantastic Efron-inspired styles.

Beard style for face
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