New beard look 2016. Cool Designer Beard Style for 2016 , Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Whatever you may think about beards they are cool and attractive. Men who wear the right beard style for their face shape stand out from the crowd with their super masculine look. While the big beard is also in thing designer beards are just neater and low-maintenance. They are suitable not only in everyday life but also for classy office looks and for special occasions. Facial hair which is shaved professionally can provide you with a stylish beard or stubble style. Here are collected some excellent examples of cool designer/stubble beard styles for 2016. If you are a beginner or a common beard guy then keep on reading to discover this big trend for your facial hair. Beard styles of 2016.

In spite of the fact that growing beard is not an easy task but many men go for it to have the desired beard style. If those preferring full beards have to wait for a long period of time then designer beards require less time. Designer beards generally contour the face and tend to bring out cheek bones and the jaw quite attractively.

It gives you a clean and a professional look as well as impresses people around you. Since not everyone can go for full beards designer beard is a great option especially for beginners. Men with full beard sometimes feel inconvenient at the office or their workplaces or find it difficult to match with different outfits and styles. On the contrary designer beard goes with any style and is ideal for any occasion.

Shawing style

To have such a neat, thin and patchy beard you are supposed to grow out your facial hair a little bit then start styling by the right technique. Those who have bald beards can use different waxes or creams special for facial hair to keep control over it. Men with fashionable and striking designer beard styles become trendsetters for other guys.

Even those who are not interested in beard styles sometimes get admired by these seductive looks. In order to keep the shape of your beard style you should do regular touch ups and shavings as well as use special products and conditioners.

Short beard ideas

So, for the perfect designer stubble you are expected to keep hair clean shaved around the cheeks along with facial hair centered on the contours of the face. If you achieve the right effect you will surely like it. So, have a look at some hot examples and make your choice according to your face shape.


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