New latest beard style. Writers who pioneered men’s hairstyles, men’s haircuts and beard styles

These wordsmiths have penned some of the finest literature since the invention of ink and paper, and their appearance is as sharp as their intellect.


Oh to be On the Road, and have the good looks and charisma of Jack Kerouac. He experimented with several men’s hairstyles in his short but prolific life, from an army buzz cut to dischelled man bangs, but the Beat Generation author will always be synonymous with a pompadour worthy of the silver screen. Beard styles for medium hair.

How to get Kerouac’s side parting pompadour

Towel dry the hair and apply House 99 Smooth Back Shaping Pomade.

Use a hairbrush to create a side parting and use a blowdryer to dry the hair from the root, working towards the end. Pay particular attention to the front, lifting the hair upwards to create height and body.

Warm a thumb-nailsworth of pomade in your hands and run it through your hair starting at the top of your head-working forwards.

Using a comb to tease the fringe up and sideways into place.

Apply Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep your pompidour in place.


With his flyaway slick back and even dappling of stubble, the Game of Thrones creator always manages to look immaculately undone, and could pass as a character in his own Emmy Award-winning series. Currently, David Beckham’s hairstyle is in a similar vein, and he keeps those long locks in shape with House 99 Smoothing Back Shaping Pomade.

How to get Benioff’s slick back

Wash your hair with Twice As Smart Taming Shampoo and Conditioner, and towel dry

Beard styles for little facial hair

Apply a little sea salt spray for texture, and use a Denman brush to pull your hair back over your head as you blow dry from root to tip

Warm a bean-sized ball of texturizing clay in your hands, and use your fingers to slick the hair back into place. Avoid using a comb as you will lose the natural texture of your hair


Just as tragedy and comedy intertwine in Samuel Beckett’s writing, the contrast between light and dark was key to his look. With a stern expression amplified by deep-set lines (each seeming to tell a captivating story), round spectacles and inverted mallen streak, the Nobel laureate cut a striking presence. While many of these distinguishing features came in later years, Beckett wore the same slick quiff throughout much of his life.

How to get Beckett’s quiff

Wash your hair with our Going Big Thickening Daily Shampoo

Brush your hair to one side with a fine-toothed comb so that it moves against its natural grain

Blow dry the hair upwards from tip to root to add volume and avoid creating a severe side parting

Take a pea-sized amount of our Change It Up Texturizing Clay and comb it through the hair with your fingers. Secure with Tight Grip Fixing Spray

Different types of beard cuts


Like a good wine (of which Hemingway was so fond) his look became more refined with age. In his 50s, Hemingway grew his signature neighborino moustache into a full beard - as precisely clipped and impeccably formed as his sentences.

How to get Hemingway’s full beard

Aside from regular trimming so the moustache frames the lips and the bottom of the beard is parallel to the jawline, the key hear is beard oil

Wash your beard so the hairs are clean and malleable and full of moisture, then towel dry in a smooth downwards direction

Take 2-3 drops of our Softer Touch Beard Oil and rub it into the palms of your hands

Bring your fingers up through your beard then brush down the sides with your hands; do the same at the front

Use the tips of your fingers or a fine-toothed comb to smooth down the moustache and any unruly hairs


We’re all familiar with the bon vivant’s gentlemanly appearance in later years, entertaining artists (Andy Warhol), movie stars (Marilyn Monroe) and royalty (Princess Lee Radziwill) at social events like his now infamous Black and White Ball. When Truman Capote was just an ephebe however, he donned a more relaxed look of knitted wooly jumpers and loose fitting shirts, which complimented his floppy classic comb over and boyish features.

Best looking beards 2016

How to get Capote’s classic comb over

This style typically consists of a tapered back and sides - your barber will know what to do

Wash your hair with our Twice as Smart Taming Shampoo & Conditioner

Use your comb to create a hard side parting and smooth down the back and sides

With your comb and blow dryer dry your hair from root to tip starting at the side parting

Apply a light mist of Tight Grip Fixing Spray to the length on top - combing the hair into place - and a pea-sized amount of Going Strong Holding Gel to smooth down the back and sides
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