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With all the men’s hairstyles you could ever have, your beard is part of the general look of that shave on you. It is no doubt that beards are increasingly becoming trendy amongst men. Actually, they are only becoming better with time. Beard styles 2016.

Today, you can be spoilt for choice due to the number of beard styles that can be done in most barber shops. You could be wondering about which beard style to choose but can’t lack at least one that suits you. Here is a guide to some of the common beard styles that can match well even with the modern pompadour hairstyles.

The Tapered beard

Ensure that you have a beard of uniform length.

Start trimming with a beard trimmer or shears at your longest desirable length like styling medium length hairs.

For a beard whose longest point is an inch, reduce all the beard hair level to an inch in length

Pick a point almost ½ inch to 1 inch up from the longest desired point of your beard – many people choose the jaw-chin line to be the longest

Use your trimmer and move it over the beard hair above the chosen point with a lower setting.

Repeat process to get to the shortest region of your beard.

The Van Dyke style

When doing this beard style, your barber will ensure that all your beard cheeks are totally free of facial hair and smooth too

The style is then defined with the look of the fairly trimmed chin beard hair

Keep your moustache by evenly trimming the hair to the desired size

Low beard styles

Do the same trimming for the hair below your lower lip connecting to your chin

Clean shave

Remove all facial hair from your cheeks, chin and the rest of your beard areas. This clean shave look on men is preferred by most women on grounds of hygiene

Stubble beard style

This can come in three different levels: short, medium, long.

Grow your facial hair using the best shampoos for a number of days

To attain any of the different levels, use a trimmer to adjust the beard hair to your chosen stubble fashion as shown below

Trim all the hair below your Adam’s apple either by using a razor or a trimmer

For a stubble style that reaches the cheeks, you can consider trimming the hair immediately below the cheekbone for a look like the best sideburn styles.

The Ducktail style

The defined factor of this beard style is the look on the hair around the chin. It resembles a duck’s tail. Your barber should work towards attaining this shape.

The upper beard part should be trimmed shorter while keeping the hair around the chin as long as you want it.

Make sure that the upper beard part blends well with the long hair on the chin

Different beard hair types

The Circle beard

This style allows you to keep some facial hair

Ask your barber to shave or trim your moustache in a manner that connects to the hair heading downwards to the chin

The trimmed hair on the moustache and the chin should artistically be done to attain a circle as shown below

The hair should always be kept short

The Anchor beard style

Your face should be free of any sideburns

Your beard should extend along the line of your jaw

Style the hair on the jawline to a certain point linking it with a pencil moustache to attain an anchor-like shape as shown below

Mutton Chops

Allow your sideburns to freely extend to the mouth corners

Terminate a portion of your sideburns in a way that creates an imaginary line outlined at each of your mouth’s corners.

The bottom edge of your sideburns should be well defined along the jawline.

Small hair beard style

The Verdi Beard style

This is a full beard with a slight styling on it.

Make it short and round at the bottom area and its length less than 10 cm from the lower lip

Create a distinct and perfectly groomed moustache from the beard that is less than 1.5cm from the mouth’s corners.

Imperial beard cut

This ideally is a moustache with curly ends. It has a French origin linked to the second Empire, hence the name “Imperial”

Clear off any hair around your chin and remove any sideburns

Trim the hair growing from the lower lip connecting the chin as shown below

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