Mens long hair and beard styles. Top 10 Best Beard Styles for Men

Do you want to look handsome? What do you think of growing your facial hair? There are several ways through which you can easily change your look to be more handsome without the need to spend a lot of money. You can wear stylish and fashionable clothes and choose catchy accessories to complement what you wear but this may cost you a lot of money. So, what should you do? Instead of spending a lot of money for purchasing catchy clothes and accessories, you can easily change your hairstyle. Once you read the word hair, you will quickly start thinking of the hair on your head but why to just think of this hair and forget your facial hair. There are many men who become more handsome when they grow their facial hair. There are also some women who believe that those men with facial hair are catchier. Choosing the most appropriate beard style differs from one man to another as making the right choice is chiefly controlled by two main factors which are the shape of the face and length of the facial hair. In order to increase your elegance and become more handsome, you have to always check out the latest beard style trends that are presented every year. Here are the top 10 best beard styles for men to choose what suits you and makes you more handsome. 1 Stubble beard Beard styles 2016.

It is one of the hottest beard styles to be presented for the next year. If it is time to start growing your beard and want to quickly get a new look without the need to wait for a long time, then you have to opt for this beard style. Stubble beard is a perfect choice for all of those men who are lazy or busy and do not have enough time to waste. The stubble beard cannot be classified as a true beard since it refers to very short hairs that grow on your face making it perfect for those men who do not like the full beard style. In order to get this look, you have to stop shaving your facial hair for just two or three days. It is ideal for men of all ages, so what do you think of wearing this beard style? 2 Stubble beard with short hairstyles

The stubble beard is a perfect beard style that can be paired with different hairstyles and haircuts especially those short ones. If you have short hair and want to get a perfect beard style that can increase your elegance, then you can try the stubble beard. The stubble beard can be paired with the buzz cut, fade cut and other short haircuts and styles that suit the length of your hair. 3 Winter beard

Is it cold? Are you looking for something that keeps you warm especially on your face? Why do not you try growing your beard? The winter beard is a perfect choice for those men who want to keep their faces warm through wearing something fashionable and functional at the same time like the winter beard. The winter beard is given this name because it is more suitable for being worn in the winter season. 4 Hipster beard

The hipster beard is considered to be another perfect choice for those men who want a beard style that can be worn in winter. This beard style allows men to keep their faces warm but it is not common like other beard styles for being thick. The hipster beard can be worn by men of all ages but it is not popular for requiring a level of maintenance. 5 Business \ Office beard

Square beard styles

What do you think of this beard style? The business beard is also known as the office beard. This beard style is considered to be ideal for those businessmen who need to get a good beard style that suits the place in which they work without requiring a level of maintenance because they do not have enough time for this. What increases the popularity of this beard style and makes it perfect is that it is short and considered to be a little bit longer than the stubble beard. 6 Beard with long hair

Do you have a long hair and do not want to cut it? Do you want to keep your hair long but need something that allows you to get a masculine look? The only solution to your problem is to grow your beard. Wearing any catchy beard style especially those thick and full beard styles will allow you to get the amazing and catchy look that you want. So, what do you think of making use of this combination to be catchier? 7 Beard with man bun & top knot

There are different hairstyles that require long hair such as top knot hairstyle, man bun hairstyle and ponytail hairstyle. All of these hairstyles are also worn by women which makes wearing these hairstyles difficult for men. Wearing long hairstyles can give a feminine look to men, so how to solve this problem? Growing your beard is a necessity if you want to wear one of those long hairstyles that are worn by women. Pairing long hairstyles with any beard style you like will allow you to get the masculine look that you want. 8 Chinstrap beard

If you do not like the idea of growing a full beard and do not want the beard to cover a large part of your face, then you have to opt for this beard style. The chinstrap beard style comes to cover a small part of your face since it appears on the edges of both the chin and jaw only without completely covering them. You can freely control this beard style to be thick or thin according to what suits the shape of your face. 9 Beards in different colors

Latest moustache and beard styles

You have just seen several beard styles that suit different tastes and allow any man to easily change his look and show his personality. If you are completely lazy and do not want to change your beard style, do not have enough time to change it or like your beard style and do not want to get a new one, then you can go for this amazing trend which is the colored beard. There are several amazing colors from which you can choose what you like for dyeing your beard. So, what do you think of giving a new color to your beard instead of changing your beard style? 10 Other beard styles

There are other beard styles that you are going to find in the next year such as the full beard, thick beard, beard with medium hair, beard with backcombed hairstyle in addition to other beard styles that can quickly change your look and make you more handsome. Now, it is time to try changing your look through wearing one of these amazing beard styles that are presented to you here.

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