Beard style for me. The Beard is Back Popular Beard Styles for 2016

The beard is back! it seems the beard is back in fashion and not before time! Let’s face it there is nothing more manly than a beard, it’s an attractive symbol of masculinity and virility, best of all the ladies love it! Beard styles 2016.

In reality a guy’s masculinity isn’t really associated with his beard but it sure does give that visual effect and creates the impression of strength and virility.

But we are not talking about any old scruffy beard here, we are talking about highly styled facial hair that we can wear with pride!

With this in mind we thought we would bring you five of the most awesome beard styles that should be rocked in 2016.

The reason you should consider the stubble as your beard style is because the ladies love it. It represents the best of both worlds in your beard journey. It shows your masculinity and also creates a rogue look that makes you look a bit dangerous and mysterious.

Using a good stubble trimmer you can opt to have your stubble long, short or medium.

I highly recommend the stubble look in 2016, but as you will gather from other posts on this site I am biased when it comes to this choice for your beard style.

Beard cuts 2016

Now not all you guys will be able to grow these kinds of beard but for those who are able to achieve this growth, the right shaping and proper grooming with this look can be very stylish. You need to decide the shape the best suits your face and this is determined primarily by the neckline. It is very important to consider your neckline as you choose this retro style.

The full beard is not just for lumberjacks and outlaw motorcycle rider’s, you will need take care of it and constantly attend to it. Combine it with short, slick backed or madmen style hair and this look should take you through 2016.

We haven’t seen a lot of the Goatee since the mid 90’s but this ultimate bad boy look is back!

Every lady likes a bad boy and a goatee gives you that edgy look without looking so wild you can’t get a job!

A good goatee isn’t the easiest style to master, you will want to ensure you balance the width and weight of your beard on both sides of your mouth and where it meets your jawline.

The Anchor beard is a timeless classic, it’s a pointed beard that follows the jawline and is matched up with a moustache.

Latest dadi style

The Anchor beard is stylish and has a little bit of a musketeer feel about it, it enhances your jawline and lips and is very suave.

It does require constant daily maintenance and is perhaps the most time consuming of the beards presented on this page.

So called because it resembles an anchor insignia, this is a style I’m looking forward to trying out in 2016.


Finally this classic is back! The Handle bar moustache is a classic look that was popular in the 1920’s, it is super stylish whilst being perhaps a little zany.

This is for the guys with loads of personality and confidence, you will draw attention with this one.

Latest mustache and beard styles

Whilst technically not a beard we just had to include it, because we are massive fans of the handle bar moustache, it’s another style I will look to trial in 2016, I cant wait to get growing, curling and waxing my “tash”.

Along with the Full beard look, the handle bar moustache is perfect for the hipster.

My advice is to have fun and try all of these styles, even for a bald guy like me, different beard styles are a quick way to change my look and style, whilst still allowing me to look “hip” and young.

Let us know your favourite beard style and which one you will be rocking in 2016!


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