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After looking at the current men’s fashion industry, we can confidently say that the ‘Beard trend is back, and going strong’. The trend has taken a sharp increase in the past few years and has completely changed the game. A beard not only adds a certain manliness to your looks, but it also brings a new level of sexiness and sophistication! Beard styles 2016.

The beard style is also going strong in celebrities and models. Beards have become an important feature on the red carpet and catwalks. All famous stars and models like Fawad Khan, Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa, Ahsan Khan, Shaan Shahid, Hasnain Lehri, and Imran Abbas are driving girls crazy over their hot beard looks. After seeing every Pakistani actor in the beard, it seems that achieving a six-pack body is not just enough for today’s men.

Latest Beard Styles For Pakistani Men & Boys

A beard makes you look handsome, dapper, and it makes girls shriek with excitement at your hunkiness! In a country like Pakistan, most men like to grow beards. So here we have compiled a huge gallery of latest beard styles for Pakistani men. You can get unique and creative ideas from these Khat or Shave styles and can rock at any event!

How To: Find The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape

Although there are hundreds of beard styles you can choose from, but you have to understand that there are lots of factors that you must keep in mind in order to get the right style that will match your face shape perfectly. What looks good on others may not look good on you, because a beard style wouldn’t match perfectly with every face shape.

So what beard style will suit you? How can you pick the right beard style for your face shape? Well, don’t worry! Before checking the gallery for the latest and modern beard styles, you must carefully read this brief guide which will clear your confusion and help you pick the facial hair based on face shape.

Beard styles of 2016

The beard for a round face should be longer at the chin and shorter at the sides. The goal here is to make your face look less round by adding length at the chin and avoiding bushy sideburns.

Men with long face need to go a bit shorter at the chin and keep a heavy beard at the sides. The goal here is to make your face appear less long by adding width to the sides and reducing the length at the bottom. A trimmed beard will also look fine on this face shape.

Men with square face need to add length to their face, and this goal can be achieved by keeping the beard longer at the chin, and shorter at the sides.

Men with the oval face are considered the luckiest ones because every style of beard suits them well.

Cool facial hair styles

If you have a small face, avoid fuller beard styles because it will make your face appear out of proportion. You can make your face look longer, by growing heavy facial hair on the chin and under the jawline.

Special Tips For Men Who Like To Grow Beards:

Style your beard according to your face shape. What suits on other, may not suit you!

“Let your beard get a little wild before trying to fix it”. Trimming a beard too early is a common mistake made by youngsters. Wait for a few months, let the facial hair get to an inch or two, then start trimming and shaping it.

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