Detailed beard designs. Coolest Beard Styles for Men 2016, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Men who wear beards are cooler and more masculine. It seems as they reasonably highlight their masculinity with the help of stylish beards. In this post you will find the latest beard styles for 2016. It’s the high time to change your boyish look into a more manly and attractive one by seductive beard styles. Today the tendency of wearing beards is increasing and unlike men who keep their face always clean many fashionable guys opt for various beards and mustaches. Shadow Beards Professional beard styles 2016.

Shadow beard is a short growth of beard that hardly covers the face and best works with short haircuts. This style was popular in 1980’s and is one of the trendiest styles for 2016. Many young guys wear it to have a more masculine and engaging appearance. Professional Beards

Professional beards generally require much attention and care to be in their perfect form. They are classy and very neat styles that work well with short and medium haircuts as well as with fade haircuts. Professional beards best work with classy outfits and are great especially for businessmen. They tend to give your face shape another strong effect. If you like you can connect this trendy beard style with your haircut. Full Beards

Full beards are becoming more and more requested and men who have medium and long haircuts or undercuts often choose this style. It ideally goes with mid-length and longer hairstyles and tends to grab attention. This is the style that provides you with the manliest look ever. It is very seductive and requires little maintenance. You can combine it with your voluminous hairstyle or can hide some facial features. Captain Jack Beard Style

Beard guide styles

The popular Captain Jack beard is a great mixture of a short beard and mustaches. It is one of the most crowd pleasing styles that men can wear in 2016. Being so neat and elegant it goes with many haircuts both long and short. You may style it with the help of special waxes that can provide it with a healthy and shiny look. Do your best to keep it clean no matter what. Hipster Beard Style

Like the bohemian style hipster style is also in thing and it is in style with all its ways of reflections. In spite of the fact that this is a bit harsh and rough style it still remains very beautiful and makes men look even more handsome. Some like to match it with mustaches to get the desired super flashy effect. You can combine hipster beards both with long and short haircuts like in the case of full beards. Modern Mustaches

If you are big fan of mustaches then I am here to tell you that they are going to become big trends in 2016. Modern mustaches are usually worn by men who have quite much time and nerves to care about it every single day. Compared with beards mustaches have special structures and therefore need to be under control. You can style them with beard oils or with mustache waxes.

Different beard designs


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