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2015 was definitely the year of the individual beard style, a trend showing absolutely no signs of slowing down this year. Here’s one of our favourite beard fashion trends for 2016, popular amongst our Bishopsgate clients. Beard styles 2016.

Wet Shave and Beard Trim. Aldgate Barbers Store. Styled by Cara.

After a beard trim for a full beard and moustache style, followed by a luxury wet shave to define our client’s sideburns and beard line more cleanly, Cara used our range of luxurious sandalwood and clove collection from Pall Mall Barbers’ bespoke personal grooming products for men. The high quality ingredients provide a natural and pure feeling on the client’s skin, beard and moustache, which left him feeling great, as the shave system we have developed has some key features in mind: protecting the skin, enjoying the experience of the shave and achieving a lasting effect, both in terms of keeping the shape of the beard and smelling fantastic. Finding the right products to maintain the look is just part of the fashionable gentleman’s beard trends, however.

With our fresh, modern beard trim must come a suave suit to match the freshly styled look of your beard. King & Allen are within a quick walking distance of our men’s barbers in Aldgate, offering bespoke men’s suits for the special occasion.

A man’s beard has become a personal style staple for modern gentlemen, so a sophisticated suit for the wardrobe befitting the smart bearded look is a must for a successful gentleman’s style makeover.

Different men's beard styles

The Wardrobe Befitting Your Style of Beard

We love the tailored winter overcoats available from King & Allen. You can pick your preferred material and from amongst a variety of colours and patterns. Fitted suits can even be ordered on-line if you have your measurements to hand. One of these beautifully crafted tailored winter overcoats is also sure to add some serious style in our current Baltic weather conditions in London your beard is shielding you from somewhat!

We loved these items of smart men’s clothing from their website…

We’re rather fond of their tailored waistcoats, another key men’s fashion staple for 2016. They are a classic item that gives definition to a man’s body and smarten the look. For a more modern feel, rebel a little against colour and pattern traditions, whilst still wearing classic styles. Mix up your colour palette. Select waistcoats of contrasting colours to your suit to express your individuality and draw attention to your personal styling. ‘Mixing it up’ is a very modern take on a traditional, timeless and classic men’s fashion trend, de-constructing out-dated fashion norms. Deconstruction of style was all over the catwalks at London Fashion Week this year.

Mens shaped beards

For more hints and tips on discovering and matching your personal beard, hair and wardrobe style to the image you want to achieve, come and chat with our barbers at any one of our chain of barber shops in London. Pall Mall Barbers‘ stores can be found in 4 locations across London: Westminster, Fitzrovia, Bishopsgate and Trafalgar Square.

You can now book your appointment on-line at your local barber shop, with the beard and hair stylist of your choice. Alternatively, you can also download our app free directly from the iTunes store. The app allows you to quickly book and manage all of your wet shave and hair appointments at Pall Mall Barbers.

We look forward to welcoming you soon and hearing your beard style ideas and fashion favourites and sharing ours for 2016!

Kind of beard style

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