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There had been rumours that 2015 saw the world reach “peak beard”; the saturation point for men with beards. Here at Benjamin Bernard’s, we simply don’t believe this is true and the beard will continue to thrive throughout 2016. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then you better make sure you have the perfect beard to suit your face. Frankly, the full bushy unkempt bush look is no longer acceptable. So without further ado, read our top beard trends of 2016 to find the perfect face fuzz for the next 12 months. Beard styles 2016.

The Tight beard

If you want the beard experience but want to keep the shape of your face intact, then a tight beard could be right for you. It’s a bit more than stubble but a little less than a beard which provides all the masculine roguishness of the full beard but with the sophistication of a man about town. Truly, this is the best beard of both worlds.

The Van Dyke beard

Now this one may be an oldie but they sure knew about style in the 17

Century Belgium, creating a timeless look that draws admiration from all who see it. Essentially, it’s a pointed goatee (now unacceptable on its own unless you’re an office manager) but separated from an embellished full moustache. This one will require a bit of maintenance as you’ll need to shave your cheeks regularly to keep the look, and a little beard balm doesn’t go amiss either. However, who can complain about a little facial manscaping when the results are so delicious?

Different beard styles for men

The Chin Strap Beard

If you’ve ever imagined that your hair is a helmet and you need a beard to keep it on, then the chin strap beard is the one for you. This look requires a significant amount of shaving to keep it in shape but when people see the results, they’ll know that you’re the kind of man who believes in precision and isn’t afraid to show it. Essentially, it’s the facial equivalent of an engineering degree.

The Short Goatee

The short goatee is an enigmatic beard, suggesting that perhaps you have just forgotten to shave, or perhaps your hair is a little shy. It’s a fine variation on the full goatee often sported by footballers and movie starts, It’s a beard that tells the world that you can grow a full beard but at the moment, you’re choosing not to.

The Full Beard

Embrace your ability to grow hair on your face and upgrade to a full beard, but be sure to keep it looking stylish. When you grow a beard in full, you’re like a superhero with a mask that you’ve grown yourself. It’s probably best that you don’t attempt to leap tall buildings in a single bound or anything like that though because essentially your only power is looking awesome but that should be enough to save the day.

Stylish beard

No matter what form of beard you may be sporting, it’s important to keep it well maintained so why not browse our amazing range of products.
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