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There is a common misconception about beards that you can either have one or not. Beard styling and shaping is not given anywhere near the same level of attention and care as the hair on your head might. It is time to break down these barriers and open up a new world of potential beard avenues to you. We spoke to Sam Norsworthy, the store manager of Ruffians Marylebone to get his tips on the top 5 beard styles you should try: Top 5 beard styles.

Beard 1 – The Full Beard

What Is it? Exactly what it says on the tin, allowing your beard to grow out to as much as desired. Often not groomed or shaped as much although some tending to the shape can be done to reign in those wild ones. Can be styled with an oil to increase softness and manoeuvrability.

Beard 2 – Boxed or Rounded Full beard

What is it? Growing your beard full to your intended length the either rounding off the underside or creating a boxed square under through the neck. Moustache hair is styled and removed from the lip. Usually has more precise edges finished with straight razor and appears much more uniform. Styled with beard balm or oil to exaggerate the shape cut in.

Short hair and beard styles 2016

Beard 3 – Medium stubble shaped or natural

What is it? Popular with more people as much easier and less time consuming to grow/maintain. Can be cut with tapered soft edges or incredibly shaped and precise. (eg drake) no styling required as the shortness will give it no movement. The tapered natural version more popular with those seeking low maintenance beards or attempting their first beard as it can be maintained at home. The more groomed and exact edged version of this style with require some expertise to hand to ensure your cheeks and neck lines are kept sharp and level.

Beard 4 – Strong Tash with Beard

What is it? a more recent debutant on the beard scene, popular with people seeking something a little different! The moustache is the centre piece of this style, the fuller the better. Keep a short or medium stubble through the cheeks to soften the contrast. Helps if your moustache is thicker! Style with a moustache wax if required to make sure your tash is ready for all to see!

Top 10 beard styles 2016

Beard 5 – the Ducktail

What is it? the distinguishable feature of this style is the point through the chin. Can be paired with different cheek combinations from a short stubble working down gradually getting longer toward the centre of the chin or worn as an extended goatee styled with the point. Moustache options can vary too, personally I think this style works well with a fuller tash and shorter cheek. Style with some oil or balm to pull and style the chin shape.
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