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Bruce Willis has sported a lot of different facial hairstyles in his time, so there is no definitive “Bruce Willis beard style”. He often goes from being clean-shaven to having a big bushy beard, depending on his latest film role. This means there are plenty of different Bruce Willis beard options to try out. Top 5 beard styles.

A Starring Role for the Bruce Willis Beard?

Bruce’s facial hair has always been a major talking point for celebrity fans, but it has also had its own starring role in a movie. One of the major plot points in the movie What Just Happened revolves around Bruce Willis’ beard! You will have to watch the film to find out what happens.

#1: White and Gray

A white beard style is a great look for a distinguished older gentleman. This Bruce Willis beard style is worn in a play where he needs to look kindly and wise, as well as friendly and homely. A lot can be conveyed with one beard style.

#2: Barely There Beard

A Bruce Willis beard style which we are all familiar with is the barely there stubbly look. This is a hardman beard style for those who want to portray a real tough guy image.

Cool goatee styles

#3: Thick Goatee with Stubble

In order to focus attention on your lips, you could try out a mixed goatee style like this Bruce Willis beard. If you are not ready for a full goatee style, work your facial hair so that it is thicker around your mouth, but stubble-length up towards your ears.

#4: Short and Subtle

The style of Bruce Willis’ beard is very short and subtle in this picture. It is a great beard style for men who want a beard but do not want something that is too big and bold. Try these short length beard styles.

#5: Bushy Bold Style

Alternatively, try out a bigger and bolder Bruce Willis facial hairstyle. Although his beard is not as big as it could be, the style looks fantastic with a completely bald head.

How to style the beard

Bruce Willis is a great person to take inspiration from but if you are looking for great ideas from other film stars you can check out some of our other lists. We have loads of lists featuring everyone from sports stars to top models.
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