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It’s 2016 and the beard trend is still pushing forward. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with the genes to grow a beautiful beard but if you are one of the “chosen” facial hair kings there are lots of different beard styles to change if up if you get sick of your current style. Beard styles 2016.

Here are the top 7 Coolest Beard Styles for Men of 2016, in no particular order whatsoever:

1. Jesus Beard — the full beard

This Jesus Beard style looks great if you can pull it off, basically throw away your razors, scissors, or anything else with a sharp edge and just let your facial hair grow … 6 months — 2 years depending on how your hair grows and voila! Just think of the money you will save by not having to buy razors … Mach 3’s are $25 bucks a package.

2. Moustache & Beard

This Moustache & Beard style, take your moustache and let it grow out a little longer than your beard length. Next style your moustache facial hair will a little bit of wax by twirling the ends of the stache … now you’re rocking the Moustache & Beard look. This facial hair look draws attention as it makes you look creative/artistic and sophisticated.

Stylish shave style

3. Beard & Bun

The Beard & Bun beard style, this beard style has been around all throughout history, the bun can be sometimes be called a ‘brobun’ or a ‘hipster bun’. You need an elastic band/hair tie, a bit of hair and know how to tie a bun. Once that’s done you should now have the appearance you should be on ‘The Game of Thrones’ show.

4. Beard & Pony Beard

The Beard & Pony Beard style has a subtle difference where you don’t complete the bun but leave your hair in a ponytail. The look shows confidence and watch out people may think you’re a gladiator or a hardcore hipster.

5. The Slickster Beard

This Slickster Beard style, this beard style involves a bit more grooming like cutting your hair and using hair product to slick your hair to make it look clean and neat. A beard

Different men's beard styles

facial hair trim also helps but keep the thickness in order to make the beard stand out. The slick backed hair and the big thick beard is a power symbol for a real man.

6. The Scruffy Beard

The Scruffy Beard style is a clean look but not too clean. The type of person who doesn’t mind being a man and enjoys outdoorsy type of things like cutting wood, starting a camp fire and doesn’t have to be clean shaven on a daily basis. This type of look is great if you have job in the corporate world as you will often be frowned upon if you try to go from the smooth shaven to full beard type of look. A quick little trim everyday two days with the electric razor and you’re good to go.

7. Goatee Beard

The Goatee Beard style is a nice beard with the added feature of a goatee. You don’t see too many people rocking this type of look but when you do it stands out. With this type of look you’re killing two birds with one stone, the beard and a goatee. The look reminds me of American guitarist Dave Navarro but he has a much more tame version.

Small hair and beard style

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