Chin hair style. 7 Reasons to Get Your Beard Trimmed at a Men s Salon 18, 8 La Jolla

It takes time and patience to grow a decent beard. For most men, it’ll be at least a few weeks before you’re in business. There’s also more to a beard than having the restraint not to shave. That’s just the beginning. Long and short beards alike require maintenance and upkeep, much like a bonsai tree or the little flower garden in your apartment’s terrace. To keep you from prematurely picking up those clippers, let’s discuss seven reasons to get your beard trimmed at 18/8 La Jolla Men’s Salon. Beard stylist.

1. Trimming Your Own Beard Is Tricky

The reality is that trimming a beard is often more difficult than waiting for one to appear. Even if you don’t have thick or dark facial hair, a well-maintained beard looks better than a thick beard that has been butchered by rushed hands. Believe us: trimmers remorse is a real thing. It’s all too common for men to get trigger happy with the clippers and end up ruining what they’ve waited weeks to grow.

2. Our Stylists Are Experts

A beard is more than a accessory. It expresses something about its wearer. It’s a statement. A personal choice. And in many ways, a work of art. Why wouldn’t you entrust its upkeep to people who can transform it into the best version of itself? The team at 18/8 have over twenty years of cosmetology experience, have trained at schools like the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology and put in thousands of hours behind the chair – working with men of all hair textures, styles, and preferences. You owe it to your face to get your beard trimmed by an expert.

3. Personalized Treatment

A trim is not a one-off event. It should happen as regularly as needed. Over time, the more you go, the better your cosmetologist will get to know your beard, personality and preferences, and the more they will be able to use their skills and powers of perception to make you look and feel incredible. If you’ve got a heavier beard or feel the need to have weekly touch-ups, why not consider our Executive Membership program?

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4. Good Product, Long Lasting Benefits

Premium beard oil and product will add to the overall health and longevity of your beard, in addition to making it look great. The last thing anyone wants to see is a dry, clumpy, or greasy beard. Your hair and skin can be nourished and strengthened by natural resources, like beeswax and peppermint, both form the base of Griffs personal styling products. By sending time in a stylist’s chair, you’ll be exposed to a range of great products and get great advice on what could work well for you personally.

5. It’s An Exercise In Self Care

Life can get stressful. Long days at work and a lack of sleep tend to add up and make a person cranky. You’ll be welcomed into semi-private station and treated to a hot towel finish after your beard is given the VIP treatment it deserves. If you’re pushing through a particularly busy quarter or striving to land a deal, taking thirty minutes to pamper yourself is like a mini vacation.

6. You Can Try a New Look (Or Many New Looks)

Maybe you’ve been wanting to try out a new look or grow your beard to a length that makes you nervous. Having a trained stylist who understands your goals and hair to bounce ideas off will give you the best chance at getting experimental under the supervision of an expert.

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7. It’ll Boost Your Confidence

When you add all of these elements up – the pampering, the expert trim, and the product – it feels pretty incredible to walk out of the salon. Like you’re rocking the facial upholstery of a Greek God or Justin Theroux!

Are you ready to upgrade your beard? Schedule an appointment online or give us a call: 858-216-4188.
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