New moustache and beard styles. How to overcome the most common beard growing problems

But growing a beard that rocks isn’t always easy. For starters, it takes patience. You might expect to have a manly mane by week 2, but in reality, you’re going to have to wait it out a little longer. How to beard.

There are a number of other common beard growing problems that could also crop up. In this blog post, I have going to give you tips on how you can overcome these issues.

The obvious answer here is to say that it comes down to genetics. An open and shut case.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Just because on the face of it, (pun intended!) your beard doesn’t appear to grow so well doesn’t mean that you should give up.

There is plenty that you can do:

Let it grow out – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your beard. Let it grow for at least a month to get a good idea of how good it looks. Alan Carr is a good recent example of someone who has done this, where an initial patchy beard has filled in quite nicely.

Brush it – By regularly brushing or combing your beard you can train your beard to grow in the right direction. Yes, really!

Get plenty of sleep – One study has suggested that 48 hours of sleep deprivation resulted in a 19% decrease in beard growth. Time for some early nights guys!

Popular goatee styles

Try a different style – With so many different beard styles out there, why not try out a goatee if your cheeks are particularly patchy for example?

If you regularly read this blog, you will notice one thing I go on about is patience. This is quite ironic, as I am known to be quite impatient from time to time!

You might think that after a week, not a lot has happened growth wise. But leave it for a least a month and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference. You should have a great looking beard, which your friends and family will start to ask you lots of questions about.

However this may not be the case for all of you. But don’t worry! Beards grow at different rates. There are also a number of things you can do to help speed things up:

Manage stress levels –According to Beard Farmers, both short term and long terms stress can affect beard growth. Meditation and yoga are two great ways to reduce it and both can be done from the comfort of your home.

Don’t shave! – You may have heard the old adage that shaving your beard off means that it grows back quicker. Unfortunately it’s not true. All you can do is be patient and let it grow. No quick fixes here!

Exercisemore – Another great way to raise testosterone levels is to keep active. Even a quick walk during your lunch break will do the world of good.

Different styles of beard trimming

It’s a nightmare. You start growing a beard, everything’s going well and all of a sudden it starts to itch.

But before you go for the razor, (don’t you dare!) there are ways to manage the dreaded itchy and to ultimately, stop it altogether.

Use beard oil – Daily application helps to keep the skin underneath your beard from drying out.

Regular brushing – Use a high quality boar haired brush. It will help the beard oil to reach your skin and to remove any flakes of skin that have begun to appear in your beard.

Watch your shower temperature – If you’re like me and like boiling hot showers, think again. Reduce the temperature of the water to avoid irritating your skin.

Reduce stress – Surprisingly, stress has been found to make the symptoms of beard dandruff worse.

After a few months of growth, you will more than likely get to the stage where you want to trim your beard. Unless you’re going for the yeard of course….

Beard styles models

Having a go yourself can be tricky. What can happen is that you over trim on one side and then try and fix it by trimming the other side. This cycle continues until you are left with an uneven mess. The only option then is to shave it off.

Before you get to that stage, consider this instead. If you’re unsure, why not get a trim from your local barber? They will be able to sculpt your beard exactly how you want it and hopefully avoid trimming too much off.

My advice would be to look at online reviews and ask friends with epic beards for their recommendations. If you’re still unsure, go in and have a chat and see whether you feel comfortable with them looking after your beard.

Once your beard has been trimmed the first time, it should be easier for you to trim it yourself going forward as less maintenance will be required.
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