Chin style beard. Latest Long Beard Styles for Men in 2016

A neat long beard will surely add you a lot of style. Having a long beard will make your look serious and reputable. Just imagine such famous men as Sigmund Freud and Carl Marks without their voluminous beards! Beard helps many men make a certain statement, as though they tell the world, that they are against the system and have their own opinion about the way they should look. If you decided to grow a long beard, you are in for some surprises. If you thought that all you have to do is forget about the razor, you were really wrong. Beard latest styles 2016.

Before you start growing a long beard, you need to shave on regular basis for at least a year. Otherwise a neat beard can be forgotten about. When you are done shaving, put your razor away. You will not need it for a while. When the beard grows long enough, a razor will not be of any help to you. So, hide it somewhere. At first, scissors will become your best friend and then you will need to buy a trimmer. Trimmer will help you shape your beard according to the style you choose, be it a Balbo or a Donegal.

Once you have grown a beard, get ready to defend it. Most likely your friends and relatives will start telling you to shave right away, since you look terrible. But didn’t you grow a beard to make a statement? So, forget listening to what others say. If your goal is a long beard, then be ready to be very patient. A good solid result will appear in about 6 months. While you are growing this beard, make sure to keep the hair as neat as you can. Use the scissors to make your beard hair the same length. Otherwise you’ll be faced with a very untidy result.

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Long beards are hard to take care of. So, be ready to learn about hair care. Make sure not to wash the beard to often. By washing it every day you will take away the very much needed oils, that make your facial hair manageable. You will need to use hair conditioner at least once a week to make the beard look more voluminous. Brush your beard on a regular basis.
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