Best hair and beard style. 4 Modern Beard Styles To Complete Your Look

Growing a beard is a right of passage. But growing a beard with purpose – in a particular style – takes more dedication. Make sure the style you choose will be loved by your significant other, or, if you’re still on the market, ladies in general! We’ve put together a list of 4 modern beard styles women love, so check it out, ask us for any advice you need, keep your beard clean and oiled, and enjoy! Modern beard styles 2016.

1. Ducktail

The ducktail beard is named for it’s similarity to an actual duck’s tail: tapered nearly to a point, but full throughout. The ducktail is the perfect compromise between having a full, wild beard and well-groomed, sophisticated facial hair. The ducktail is large and long enough to garner respect, while still being pampered enough to be attractive to your partner or others. The upper part of the beard and mustache is trimmed shorter, while the hair under the chin is allowed to grow as long as you want, creating the perfect blend between rugged and stylish.

2. Bandholz (Hipster Beard)

The Bandholz beard is named after it’s most famous proponent, Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand, a beard product website and blog. The Bandholz is also the typical ‘hipster’ beard. The Bandholz requires dedication, because you have to be comfortable with how your beard naturally grows. Basically, you allow your beard to grow freely: no scissors, no comb, no razor, nothing. After about 7 months, once you’ve reached a significant length, you can start shaping it. The point of the Bandholz is to look wild and bushy, but be clean.

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3. Medium Stubble

One of the most admired styles by women is a medium amount of stubble. It’s simple to grow, but difficult to keep perfect. It gives you a rugged look, like you’ve been working hard for the past 2-3 days and haven’t had time to shave. Medium stubble will probably require nearly a week to come in, and measures 3-5 millimeters long; any longer and it starts to look scraggly. Your stubble shouldn’t cover the entire natural range of your facial hair: it should start just above the adam’s apple, and stop below the upper cheeks. Keep the upper cheeks shaved smooth every day, as well as everything at the adam’s apple and below to keep your stubble looking neat and deliberate. Use a facial hair trimmer on your stubble to keep it within the right length range.

4. Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is an old style, but very popular with stars like Johnny Depp who women tend to be attracted to. This style was first popularized by a Flemish painter from the 1600s, Anthony Van Dyke. The Van Dyke is a mixture of a goatee and a mustache. All of the hair on your neck, cheeks and sideburns should be completely shaved off, but leave your mustache and goatee area untouched. Shape the bear on your chin by forming an inverted ‘T’, or anchor shape. Let the hair on your chin grow to about 2”. We hope you’ve found some good advice here, and might have found a beard style you like! For more advice on styling and products, come on in or contact us today!

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