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BEST BEARD STYLING FOR MEN WITH OBLONG SHAPED FACE: It’s common knowledge that not all faces are of the same shape and size. Faces can widely differ from round to square or even heart-shaped. However, what one should keep in mind is that not all beard styles suit every face shape. Latest beard styles for long face.

Some beard styles only look good on particular face shapes and not having an idea as to how to grow your beard according to your face shape could lead to some “not so appreciated” circumstances. The article looks forward in telling you the top 15 beard styles you can go for if you have an oblong face shape.

Oblong faces can be seen in plenty of the population. Many beard styles are available for men with oblong face shape. The following features are seen accompanying oblong shaped faces.

The Face length is the largest

The forehead, jaw line and the cheekbones are about the same length

The face may also be accompanied with a pointed chin, straight cheek lines and straight sides.

Men who choose to support a beard every day or frequently will be able to tell you that maintaining a beard is as difficult a process as growing one and you will also have to look at various ways to keep your beard healthy such a beard oils, constant trimming, a proper diet etc. Your beard will finally outgrow the style that is given to it by you even if your beard growth is a bit slow. Thus, you can use the following tips if you want to maintain the beard style for a bit longer than usual:-

Always be patient: To have a great beard, the first and foremost thing you will have to do is to restrain yourself from shaving. You will have to let your beard grow untouched for at least 4 to 6 weeks before attempting to style it.

Figure out your face shape: As mentioned before, not all faces have the same shape and range from oval to square to even heart shaped. Thus, what you need to do first is to figure out the shape of your face. Once your figure out the shape of your face you can choose a beard style that complements your face shape.

Understand when it’s time to go for a trim: Even if you are planning out on growing a long beard it is always better to go for a trim now and then. Damaged beard hair is a real thing where your hair could get prone to split ends and also curl if not looked after. When to take a trim differs from person to person and it may take you some time to figure out how frequently you need to get that trim.

Beard and goatee styles

Wash your beard regularly: This is needed as various skin and food cells can get trapped and make your skin feel itchy. You may have to resort to the washing to several times a week and with a special cleanser. Always remember to pat dry after washing as harsh rubbing could damage the hair.

Use Beard oils: Beard oils are your best friend in the beard growing game. They not only give the beard a healthy boost but also make them look darker and more nourished. Beard oils can also be found in various scents.

You can train your beard: If you keep taking regular trims your beard will eventually get trained to grow a certain way which will be of great help to you if you don’t want to grow out of the beard style.

Always take care of the mustache as well: Most beard styles are complemented with a mustache and thus, it is of utmost importance that while taking care of your beard, you will also have to direct your attention to the mustache as well.

Practice a healthy diet: Vitamins B3, B5 and B9 are very important for your facial hair as it is made of protein and fat. Thus, you will have to practice a healthier intake of food and if you want to use supplements you can do that as well.

Since a prominent feature in oblong faces is a rather large face length, your aim should be to shorten the elongation and give your jaw line a more square shape you can achieve this by having more volume on the sides and lesser volume around the chin area. This can be achieved by either giving your beard styles that belong to the Inverted T or Boxed or Chin Beard or Circle Beard or Full Beard or Imperial Beard or Side Burns or Stubble family.

#1: Balbo Beard

Balbo is an iconic style when it comes to Inverted T beards. You have no facial hair on your cheeks which makes the sideburns more prominent. A soul patch is styled on the chin under the lips and the sides of the soul patch can be extended along your jaw line if you feel like it. You can cut your mustache the way you like and no particular style is needed.

This style sets itself apart from the Balbo beard style in a groomed and trimmed variant of the Inverted T Beard family. The style usually has a floating mustache which is often has a pencil like trim and an angular finish.

#3: High Boxed Beard

Boxed beards have a higher neck line than full beards. The hair is trimmed about an inch and a half below the jaw line and is running parallel to the cheek line and is wider under the chin. It is best to hide a double chin if any.

Beard styles haircut

In the high boxed beard the sideburns are run down by the cheek lines, the hair curves near the base of the ears and will finally meet at the corners of the mouth.

As mentioned above, boxed beards have a higher neck line than full beards. The hair is trimmed about an inch and a half below the jaw line and is running parallel to the cheek line and is wider under the chin. It is best to hide a double chin if any.

In the low boxed beard, the cheek line hair curves below the ears and meet at the top of your chin.

#5: Brett Beard

A brett beard has a growth extending down to your sideburns, along your jaw line and finally meet at the chin. It also has a soul patch under the lips. It is usually trimmed short and the hair on the chin can be angular and support intersections in the soul patch.

#6: Old Dutch

In the Old Dutch beard, the beard is long and emphasis is laid on the volume by flattening the bottom and rounding the corners off.

#7: Natural Circle Beard

Natural circle beards are very popular and receive more support when worn with a complimenting entourage. This style helps move focus on the mouth. The way the chin and mustache meet makes the face look leaner and extra length of your face looks better.

#8: Extended Back

Though almost with the same proportions, you can go in for an extended back circle beard as well if you have patchy hair growth and this also helps in case you want to hide a double chin.

#9: Bandholz Beard

Wanting to style your beard as a Bandholz, you’ll have to be extremely patient as it will require you to grow your facial hair for at least 6 months. Even your mustache has to be left to grow. The look does not require a lot of styling after you have reached the required length. The look has a rounded finish and no stray hairs can be seen.

#10: Verdi Beard

The Verdi Beard supports a styled mustache not connected to the beard. It is also short in length and needs to be regularly groomed.

How to beard

#11: A La Souvarov

The style supports sideburns which extend and slope into the mustache across the cheeks helping you cover most of the elongated face.

#12: Hulihee Beard

Hulihee have a higher cheek lining that gives your face a much more rectangular look.

#13: Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are a bold move when it comes to styling your beard that way but also help reduce the length of your face. Applying such volume widens your face while the sideburns elongate it.

#14: Light Beard

Light stubble will help give your face texture and will add emphasis on the jaw line.

#15: Heavy Beard

On the other hand, heavy stubble helps in reducing face length and the hair near the jaw line is trimmed short.

Now that you know that the shape of your face is oblong, you can try the various styles that have been given above and decide which one suits you the best. Always remember that the aim of the beard should be not elongate the face further by choosing a style that will cover up some of the elongation. Also keep in mind that your face could also be in between two face shapes such as oval as well as oblong, in such cases you can try styles suitable to both and see which suits you the best.
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