How to shave a beard styles. How to Trim a Beard, Neckline and Cheeks - The Beard and The Wonderful

While having facial hair can make a man look more sophisticated and manly, it doesn't take much for it to get completely out of control and making it look less like its best. You need to keep that beard in trim! How to trim a beard.

Learning to shape a beard, groom & trim your beard properly whether it is short or long is an essential skill you need to master. Once mastered it can open to you a whole world of opportunities and different beard styles.

A great beard only looks great if it is regularly maintained and trimmed. It may be tempting to grow facial hair because it means you don’t have to waste time shaving, but even without shaving you do need to spend time every day maintaining your beard and mustache. You can head down your barber or hairdresser for a trim and tidy up, but if you do not want to then you can easily do it yourself.

Here are some tips to trim and groom to perfection.

The main equipment used to trim a beard is some scissors and a beard trimmer. We find that the beard trimmer is the best option.

Trimmers are very easy to use and get the hang of, and you can get a variety of length attachments for whatever style desired, here's how to use it;

Before you trim your beard, you need to always wash it as you would and let it dry. This will be a lot easier to trim and the end result is going to turn out much nicer and sleek.

Beard styles for less hair

After you have let your beard dry, check that all the hairs are lying flat by combing it through as this makes sure there's no hairs curled up and hidden which could be forgotten when actually trimming.

how to trim a beard neckline

To start, trimming the neck area is a good place, this varies for each person, if you have a desired neck line of where you'd like your beard to start here's where to do it. You should take the trimmer guard of and use the blade to get a sharp line. Make sure you take this step closely as you don't want to mess it up.

beard cheek line advice

Now that the neck is taken care of, the next step is to move up to the sides of your face, starting with the sideburns and cheek area. It's always recommended to trim the sides of your beard before you move to your mustache or chin.

Go for natural or defined?

Depending on how you feel and what suits you will decide whether you are happy with hairs growing way up high, or if you want a defined line between the sideburns and the chin area.

No matter what choice or style, a beard always looks better when the hair on the sides are shorter than the hair on the chin area, so its something to keep in mind when deciding how short to go.

Beard styal

Defining where the cheek line should be

A general rule of thumb is to shave from an imaginary line from the middle of your ear to the corner of your mouth. Shave in a line using a shaving oil so you can see exactly what you are doing.

Once finished trimming, comb through your beard to make sure there's no stray hairs that you've missed.

This is a part which is easily messed up so its essential that you take your time and try to be as accurate as possible.

Comb the mustache vertically facing your lip, and cut the ends which are going onto your lip so the end up just touching the upper part.

Once you have your beard looking how you want it, its important to keep the routine up so you keep it the style desired, always comb through it and use your favorite oils and balms to keep it into place and healthy.

Beard styles for corporate

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