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What is it about bearded men that make women go weak at the knees? Perhaps it’s how ‘manly’ they look? Maybe the gruff and rough look is the ultimate sex symbol when it comes to men of a certain age? Studies have actually shown that guys with beards not only look more masculine to women are are therefore sought after, but also show a more aggressive side, believed to make them appear better lovers – protective, passionate, romantic. Hottest beard styles.

Let’s face it, if a guy can keep maintenance up on that beautiful beard, they know how to put a bit of effort in, right?

These days everyone seems to be rocking the bearded look in Hollywood and with the likes of Gerard Butler, James McAvoy, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt coming out with their facial hair on product display, it’s no wonder that they are all doing it.

Don’t believe us? Look at the 20 hottest bearded men in Hollywood!

He’s the ultimate hairy guy, isn’t he? You don’t get to play Wolverine in X-Men for no reason at all. Recently growing his pretty impressive facial hair for the new movie set to come out soon – Pan, he took to social media to provide us with an Instagram video of the event unfolding – losing his scruffy bearded look!

As much as we love Hugh Jackman with a beard, we also love him without one so either way, we don’t mind.

What do you think? Do you prefer with a beard or without it?

Another hottie proven to be a fan of the good old fashioned facial hair look is Ryan Reynolds. The 38 year old Canadian actor is another guy recently growing his beautiful trimmed facial hair out to a scruffier looking beard for the new thriller Criminal that has no official release date as yet, but is said to be also starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, and Gary Oldman.

Of course, seeing as he expecting his first baby with partner Blake Lively, the beard will probably get a lot scruffier before it gets trimmed again Raising a new born is hard work and we wish them all the luck in the world!

Perhaps one of the most famous bearded men in Hollywood, 43 year old singer, actor, producer, songwriter and director Jared Leto is rarely seen without that beautiful facial hair, not that it matters because his captivating eyes normally steal the show.

It was only August last year (2014) that the 20 Seconds to Mars singer decided to appear on the Jimmy Fallon show and ‘get rid of the beard’, and you can see the infamous video online. Don’t worry too much though – it was just a trim and that fashionable beard is still intact!

He’s not afraid of a bit of facial hair and we actually thinks he looks hotter and more distinguished because of it. He sported a much bushier beard for the filing of his latest film Everest but thankfully, the super scruffy look was sorted out in May 2014, where he almost started a media frenzy over the removal of his loved facial hair. Luckily, we don’t mind how his facial hair looks and we imagine most other women are the same. Even with the longest, scuffiest facial hair, this guy still manages to look super hot!

Men with nice beards

Another guy familiar with the process of growing a bit of facial hair, he seems to look just as good completely clean shaven as he doesn’t when he isn’t! The 34 year old actor for TV and film actually spoke to the media about it last year, proclaiming that as bushy as his eyebrows got, he would never get them ‘sorted out’ after various failed beauty treatments that went wrong include plucking, waxing and even colouring his brows.

Although he is reported yo have said he loves the ritual of shaving, actually performing it isn’t fun and as long as he has a ‘beard brush’ he has absolutely not problems going ‘au naturel’.

Let’s face it, we haven’t ever looked at this beautiful actor and gone ‘ew’, facial hair or not! The 40 year old Brit very often sports a bit of a beard and goatee combination and the Academy Award winner’s career definitely has called for a bit of hair from time to time. Even with the bushiest beard on his face, he looks an absolute dream-boat and apparently, with the right trimmer and making sure the goatee doesn’t ever connect with the beard, your guy can perfect the same look! Perhaps it’s time you started showing him pictures of hot men with beards to persuade him to do the same?

Captain Jack Sparrow himself sported a beard and thankfully, it’s one that Mr. Depp already rocked. The lazy beard and goatee mix has been a firm favourite of this actors for many years, and he is a prime example of how to rock the lazy / rocky / punk look without looking like a homeless guy. Even when this guy looks as if he hasn’t showered in days (or washed his hair for every longer) he still looks stunningly beautiful and to be honest, we aren’t really sure how he does it!

He’s the most eligible bachelor (or he was before he got hitched) and although mostly seen clean shaven and looking every inch the suave gentlemen he is, he definitely looks a bit of a beard like a true professional.

George Clooney’s beard has actually won polls for the hottest / best / cutest facial hair and there were reports that his facial hair style was the reason for the decline in razor sales, especially when women went on record to say that they actually preferred him looking scruffier and hairier than clean shaven.

We’re sure he’s not completely responsible for the decline of razor sales, but these hot actors are definitely showing the men out there how not to shave properly!

I don’t know about you but I think it’s kind of a waste when you have a super hot Scottish actor such as Ewan McGregor and they don’t have a beard…. Every Scottish actor (and man we’ve ever met) has looked utterly adorable with a bit of facial hair – take Gerard Butler as another prime example.

What do you think? Does Ewan McGregor look better with or without the beard? We think with…

To be honest, this guy could come out in a black garbage bag after now showering for weeks and we’d still want to go on a date with him. There is literally not look this guy can’t pull off whether it’s wardrobe related, facial hair related, or anything else in between.

We’re not sure if it’s the muscles, the eyes or the smile but one thing is for sure – we don’t care what this guy’s beard looks like, we still love him!

Beard design 2016

The older actors always tend to wear facial hair really well and one of the hottest bearded men in Hollywood these days has got to be Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.!

This guy tends to go for a more structured finish to his beard with a chin-strap design that takes quite a bit of maintenance, if you are to listen to the professionals. To style your guys’ hair just like this Hollywood hunks, you’ll need a trimmer and a lot of patience!

31 year old British Superman actor Henry Cavill is usually seen clean-shaven and perfectly preened but every now and again, he gives the ladies a treat and really shows off his masculine side with a light spattering of beard that drives most girls crazy.

In the early stages of 2014, he was snapped out and about with a beard that was classed as a ‘super beard’ and although it might not have looked quite as shabby as some of the scruffier bearded we’ve seen (such as Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal for various movie roles) it certainly was a break from the norm and had people talking all around the world.

One thing is for certain – beard or no beard, we all love The Tudors start Henry Cavill at Herinterest!

We’re used to seeing this hot British hunk with a beard or some sort of facial hair, especially in his role of Jax Teller in the amazingly brilliant hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. We were almost too excited to see this guy playing the part of Mr. Grey in the eagerly awaited movie Fifty Shades of Grey but since turning down the role, we must accept that he won’t ever be the dominant guy we wished he could be!

Clean shaven or not, this actor has a body to die for. What do you think? Do you prefer him hairy or clean-shaven?

This hottie recently raised eyebrows when, after winning an Oscar for his role in the film nobody could stop talking about – Dallas Buyers Club, he picked up his Hollywood Walk of Fame star and turned up looking… Well, really scraggy really.

We’re used to seeing this guy with a bit of facial hair, but we love him just as much when he doesn’t and rocks the clean-shaven look. His films throughout the years give you a good look at how versatile this guy’s face is – from the thin moustaches of his 1996 Larger Than Life days, to the weird full-chin hair he had for the 1997 movie Amistad, he’s definitely show to be versatile and when he completely bald with a beard in the 2002 movie Reign of Fire, although eyebrows were raised about this very different look, he still looked as hot as ever.

The Latino beauty is another actor that manages to look completely stunning both with and without facial hair. The beard definitely helps with that Spanish hot-lover look though, don’t you think? Although he’s a bit older these days and probably not everyone’s cup of tea, he certainly wears the beard well.

Tall, dark and handsome and with facial hair most men could only dream of. We love the way this hunk manages to rock a bit of scruffy facial hair with a perfectly tailored suit and when he smiles, all we can do is smile with love in our eyes. It’s true what they say – most guys with beards are just too adorable to say no to!

Best beard styles with short hair

OK so to be fair, we love this guy because he played the cutest kitty of all time – Puss in Boots. However, the fact that he’s one of the most beautiful bearded men in Hollywood certainly helps too, don’t you think?

Following his breakup from Melanie Griffith, his wife of over 18 years, he decided to try a new look out and sported a much bushier beard than usual which caused quite the stir among women all around the world. It would seem that this bigger beard had women divided – some liked it and some really didn’t. We love it … Do you?

38 year old Joe Manganiello is very rarely seen without a beard these days and we don’t mind that in the slightest. Back in 2013, we saw him minus the facial hair and we were pretty surprised by the look – he is much more chiseled and beautiful than he is WITH facial hair!

The perfect bone structure and smooth as anything skin is very rarely seen under that trimmed and kept-under-control beard, and although we do love the beard, it sure is nice to see him without it from time to time.

Funny man Seth Rogan is usually seen with a light spattering of facial hair but recently (August 2014) he was seen with a bigger than usual beard and again, it seems to have had opinions divided. To be fair, it was for his latest movie so we can’t put the bushier style on him completely, but to some people he looked a bit like Zach Galifinakos which isn’t to everyone’s taste…

Back in December of 2014, Keanu Reeves was seen out and about minus the facial hair that he has been so closely linked to and what a difference it made! He looked almost unrecognisable – younger, fresher, and with much better skin than we had initially thought.

Although we love this guy with a beard, it certainly does go to show how much a little bit of facial hair can completely change the way you look. Who knows how long he will keep this new look going for? For now we will simply say RIP Keanu Reeve’s facial hair!!

There is no denying that many of Hollywood’s hottest pull of a beard with completely sophistication and it also shows how even the most unruly of styles can look just perfect on the right face. What’s your opinions on beards? Are you a fan? Are there any celebrities that you think SHOULD grow one… Just to see what he looks like?
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