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Beards are making a strong come back

Facial and body hair, like hairstyles and clothing carefully chosen every day, are also subject to fashion. Today, not only hipsters have taken possession of it, but even the great champions of the metrosexual trend a few years ago, have succumbed to the tyranny of the beard and would like to look like the perfect Victorian gentlemen from London newly transferred to the 21 Dadhi style 2016.

The beard is now becoming a genuine accessory able to complete the elegant and sophisticated look of the hipster. Interestingly, the beard also gains some success just because it can change the shape of the face.

But to stay beautiful, the beard deserves some special care…

Why Beard Care is Important?

Beards need a special care for aesthetic reasons, but hygiene is fundamental to avoid skin irritation, flaking, ingrown hairs and a host of other problems. A good exfoliation prevents the occurrence of ingrown hairs as it removes dead skin cells and promotes the disappearance of cysts that form cystic hair.

Top 10 beard styles

When the beard is growing, the skin is easily irritated. Also, the skin under the chin is delicate and requires extra care as cleansing and moisturizing.

Keratoline C PS™ provides an enzymatic action that eliminates dead skin cells to smooth the skin’s surface and promote cell renewal. This gentle peeling leads to an anti-ingrown hair effect.

Pacifeel™ is a plant-based active ingredient dedicated to sensitive and reactive skin. In addition to alleviating skin discomfort and visibly fading redness, Pacifeel™ improves skin’s resilience against aggressions to provide a long-term, reinforced protection. It will help instantly soothe skin and minimize razor burn, while also improving skin’s own defence over time.

Ideas for beard styles

Procapil™ fights follicle aging process to support and enhance the length and fullness of beards. It participates in fortifying the face hair for a soft and supple beard.

Hairspa™ provides soothing and moisturization by rebalancing skin microflore. It relieves discomfort (dryness, itching, dandruff, irritations) like after a spa.

Hydration is the key for a silky and comfortable beard. Revidrate™ re-creates the skin’s own natural moisture by supporting the water and lipid balance in the epidermis. This strong moisturizer guarantees an optimal hydration level in the long run.

New look shaving style

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