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Men choose to grow a beard for numerous reasons. The most common reasons are to express individuality and disguise flaws such as a weak jaw line. Growing a beard is a commitment that demands attention and regular upkeep. This beard care guide will help you on your journey to growing and maintaining your beard. Mens shaped beards.

Find the Right Beard Type

The first thing you want to do is find the right beard type for your face shape. This is the most important task because your choice can either make you look better or worse. Consulting with an experienced barber is recommended during this process.

Remember your beard style needs to express your personality and adhere to business dress code regulations. It’s best to learn your company’s beard length guidelines before consulting with a barber. Once you know the rules you need to find the best style that expresses your personality and the look you want to portray.

Let it Grow

Men are often surprised to learn that growing a beard can become an itchy situation. If you want your beard bad enough you will fight through the itch. However, some men can’t stand the itching and choose to give up or stick with the five o’clock shadow look as their style. Whatever you decide, just keep in mind that it takes a few months to grow and shape a beard.

A common mistake most men make while growing out their beard is trimming and shaping during the early stages of the process. You might think this is a good idea, but it can actually cause a delay that can take weeks or months to fix. You need to allow your beard to grow a little wild at first. The general rule is letting your beard grow until it reaches about an inch or an inch and a half before you start shaping it.

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Can you grow a beard?

The capability of growing a beard is a sensitive topic for some men. It’s a matter of genetics. Some men can grow a beard in a couple of weeks, while others struggle to grow a patchy beard over a few months. If you have been growing out your beard for a few months and still have patches you should consider giving up at this point. If you are determined to have a beard but have difficulty growing one, you can always choose a beard style that will work around the patchy areas. This takes skill to create so consulting with an experienced barber is recommended.

Trim and Shape your Beard

Once you have chosen a beard style that suits you and you have grown your hair out to at least one inch, it’s time to start trimming and shaping. Even if you have chosen a long beard style, you should trim it at least every two months. Shorter styles should be trimmed and styled every few weeks.

Shampoo and Condition your Beard

This tip is an obvious one. Of course, you are going to wash your beard. But, what are you going to wash it with? Some men that aren’t familiar with growing a beard choose to wash it with soap and water. This causes soap scum to build up on the hair and makes your beard look dull and dry. You need to use a face scrub that is specifically made for beards.

If you are beginning to feel like growing a beard is high maintenance and time consuming, you are right. But, there are ways to cut back on time and still care for your beard properly. Pacino’s Beard and Face Scrub contains tea tree oil and aloe Vera. The combination of these two ingredients deep cleans your beard and skin plus provides moisture. This quick and easy to use product will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

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Beard Oil to the Rescue

Beards tend to dry out and look brittle. Beard oil is an essential product that all men should use at some point. The oil moisturizes the hair and skin, adds body and shine plus regenerates the hair follicles. Pacinos Beard Oil does all of this plus stimulates beards to grow healthier.

Shave Gel is a Must-Have

Men often grow out their beard so they don’t have to shave anymore. Unfortunately, most men are surprised to learn they still need to shave, just not as frequently. While you are not going to shave off your beard, the neck and face areas do need regular upkeep. This means you will need to invest in an excellent shave gel like Pacinos Cooling Shave Gel. It is a necessary tool that will help keep your skin healthy as you shave your neck area and sculpt the edges of your beard style on your face.

Trim your Mustache

Mustaches usually come along with growing a beard. There are some beard styles that don’t require growing a mustache, but chances are you need to grow a mustache for your specific style. The area around the mouth are the most common areas men forget to trim.

Allowing hair to grow in this area can make it difficult to eat and kiss, plus the visible hair distracts people when they are speaking to you. Trimming your mustache so that your lips are visible is an essential part of upkeeping your beard.

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Now that you have learned how to care for your beard, it’s time to get started. Order your Pacino’s beard care products online or pick them up at your local Target store. A healthy shiny beard will boost your confidence and self-esteem so get started caring for your today!

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