Good beard shapes. 5 beard fashion styles that you need to know

It’s hard to say what came first, the beard or the immaculate sense of style. Kidding aside, it’s undeniable that bearded men have become not only the epitome of rugged sexiness but also of supreme stylishness. Beard fashion style.

However, if you’re just becoming one of the proud members of the beard squad, you may need a few pearls of wisdom on how to dress in accordance with your (and ultimate) accessory and style signature.

We’re about to give you 5 awesome beard fashion styles so you too can become the pure embodiment of that rugged stylishness.

Every man who grows facial hair has at least a secret desire of looking like a lumberjack every now and then, and there is one simple garment that will get you that look – the ever masculine flannel plaid shirt.

However, not all colours and varieties will get you there. No, it has to be a very specific type of shirt, namely one that features the colours red and black or black and white. Also, larger pattern is preferred over the subtle one.

This shirt isn’t only bound to complement your beard but the cut will also emphasise your muscles. The best part is that it goes great with any kind of jeans – dark or pale, and if you want to take your ‘lumberjack’ look up a notch, you can always add a denim jacket with white fur into the mix.

Hairstyle for beard face

Ok, what most men and perhaps all women can agree on is that there are few things hotter than a man decked out in a great suit. Actually, there is one thing sexier – a bearded man in a suit. So, if you don’t have one, you better get on it.

If you’re currently going through preparations for your wedding day, this is a great time to dip your feet into the water and try on a variety of men’s wedding suits. However, even if you’re not anywhere near tying the knot, you should get one anyway.

There are tons of opportunities and occasions to wear one (such as a cocktail party or even someone else’s wedding), and you don’t want to miss the chance of wowing someone just because you don’t own this unmatched piece of clothing.

For a bearded guy, denim is always a good idea. If you have dark hair and therefore a dark beard, you can definitely make it pop by putting pale and washed denim to use – denim shirts with rolled up sleeves, aforementioned jackets, jeans – bring it all on.

For blond guys, dark denim is far more complementary, especially if you have blue eyes. The era of the hipster is on its way out, and so are the bright shirts with funky prints and tiny florals. If you want to be a real lumbersexual – denim is the way to go.

Different goatee shapes

Women used to dominate the accessories department, but this is most definitely the time for men to shine and take the reins.

There is something slightly unnatural with beardless men rocking men’s leather bags, backpacks and even leather bracelets, and when a bearded man puts any (or all of these) on him, it’s like ‘OK, this is the way this was meant to be worn’.

There is just something so warm, inviting and yet rugged about a guy with beard rocking something in that soft brown leather. So, if you don’t have a brown leather jacket or some form of a man’s bag – again, hop to it, because your style isn’t going to elevate itself.

No bearded guy should go through life without proper accessories. First in line are hats – if you don’t care much for fedoras, that’s totally OK as there are tons of other hats that will work for you.

The reason hats (especially the baker boy caps) are so great for you is that they allow for the focus to be placed on your beard and your facial features, which is the ultimate goal – if you’re growing facial hair you want for it to be noticed.

Guys beard style

The final thing on the list is killer eye wear. You’re a cool guy, and nothing (aside from the beard itself) conveys the level of coolness like great specs. Glasses with thick black frames are very hot right now, but don’t follow the trend blindly if these don’t suit your face. Try several kinds, and pick the pair that ‘sits just right’. Just make sure they have a vintage vibe to them – this is crucial.

Peter is a men’s health and grooming writer at The Beard Mag from the UK. Beside writing, he worked as a men’s grooming consultant for many fashion events. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
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