Beard design 2016. Beard maintenance tips – how to groom facial hair

M en have never had more freedom to express their style through their facial hair but, in the highly unlikely case you really needed reminding, when you’re growing it you need to take hygiene seriously. Men's facial hair styles 2016.

With the rise of the hipster beard creating more relaxed attitudes in the workplace, and the increasing popularity of male grooming blogs and YouTube channels, men can now learn the tricks of the trade like never before.

And with the vast range of technical and professional shavers and tools, such as Braun Multi Grooming Kits and Beard Trimmers, that are now available to consumers, men are getting super-creative with their facial hair style. Amid all the excitement and fun of letting your style out, it can seem positively dull even to mention the H-word.

But hygiene is so important when it comes to creating a clean and well-executed look and maintaining skin health underneath your beard. Grooming expert Parsa Rad has some easy-hit top tips to help ensure that in the speed and rush of modern life you do not compromise on looking good and being on trend.

Scrub and hydrate

“Cleaning the area of your face where hairs grow is very important for everyone,” he says. “Whether you have stubble or a full beard you need to take care of your skin.” And a good skin hygiene regime becomes even more important when you’re cultivating facial hair, as hydrated, healthy, vital skin will nourish whatever style you’re sporting.

According to Rad, the best way to begin, whether you have some stubble or the beginnings of a full beard, is with a good quality facial scrub.

Hair and dadhi style

“The scrub will lift up the follicles so the hairs come out more easily and this will prevent them ingrowing,” says Rad, who has spent his career advising clients on the perfect personalised skincare regime.

“I always recommend to my customers that they try to use a good-quality scrub at least three times a week because it will also do the job of removing any dead skin cells that could cause irritation.”

The good news for guys who are fond of a short cut and also want to rock a beard is that a scrub is pretty much redundant when beard hairs get beyond a certain length. Similarly, oils are fine when you’re clean-shaven but they won’t penetrate deep enough when you have too much hair growth.

However, it’s essential that you still wash your beard, keeping the hairs clean and the skin fresh, otherwise inflammations can occur as you’re not cleaning off the irritants and natural oils that the skin is constantly producing.

Condition and cleanse

“For proper facial-hair hygiene with a beard you need to take the same approach as you do when washing your hair,” says Rad.

Full beard styles 2016

“Use two to three pumps of a good cleanser and then use your fingers to get the product all the way through the hair and right down to the skin. Use circular motions to thoroughly massage the cleanser in before washing it off, then if you have time you can also use a conditioner.”

The truly fashionable man starts by ensuring he gets the hygiene thing nailed. You can then focus on the fun stuff of letting your true style shine. Whether you go for perfectly imperfect stubble or a statuesque beard, follow these simple hygiene tips to let your style out.

Male grooming power

Braun sent fashion photographer GarçonJon to London Men’s Fashion Week to see what the future of facial hair looked like. In this series of Telegraph features, grooming expert Parsa Rad explains how to get these cutting-edge beard styles – and how to be perfectly groomed in general.

Braun has kept men looking sharp since the 1950s and its range of hi-tech products now includes the Multi Grooming Kit, with eight attachments for total precision, whether you're clipping your hair, tidying your ear and nose areas, trimming your beard or grooming your body.

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