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How you choose to style your beard says a lot about you. The style you choose will depend on your face shape, lifestyle, career, and amount of maintenance you are willing to do since some styles are more demanding than others. As a general rule, the bigger/fuller your beard, the less it really matters what your face shape is since you can’t clearly see the jawline. Below you’ll find a list of different trendy beard styles to help you find inspiration for your own whiskers: Easy beard styles.

This style combines a moustache and a goatee to create a look that is very Hollywood. In other words, it’s a popular look for A-list celebs. This beard is crafted by removing the sideburns and keeping the chin and moustache neat. It’s one of the easier beard styles to maintain.

This look isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of people who can rock it (the most famous of which is probably Wolverine himself). This style consists of thick sideburns and a moustache, leaving the chin bare. [1]

This beard takes a bit of precise grooming as it involves a moustache and chin beard that do not meet. Therefore, you’ll need to keep sideburns, most of your lower cheeks, and space between moustache and beard bare. [2]

The oval face shape is pretty versatile and suits many different beard styles, one of which is the stubble beard. This is simply a closely trimmed beard of whatever shape you’d like, and is a really hot style lately.

Kind of beard style

This is the longest beard on the list so far. It’ll take at least a few months to grow out, and requires some maintenance to keep it looking round at the bottom. If you’re shooting for this look, be sure to look into beard care products in order to keep it looking good and healthy.

Named for the founder of Beardbrand, the Bandholz is even longer than the Garibaldi. It takes most men almost an entire year to grow this style out completely. It’s low-maintenance as far as cutting and trimming since the goal is grow it out as far as your body possibly can, but it does require the use of beard shampoo, beard brushes, and other special care tools. [3]

This is a great style for those with rounder features, but it does take patience and practice to do right. It’s basically a full beard and moustache, but the sideburns gradually fade as they go up, which requires some precise trimming.

Obviously named for footballer David Beckham, this style is great for those not wanting to do daily maintenance on their beard. The moustache is kept separate, and the length is uniform throughout. Letting it grow a ways down your neck completes the look.

Stylish beard

Whatever beard you decide to set your sights on, make sure you use the best beard care kit to tame your thatch and keep it clean and fresh.




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