Beards types styles. Patchy Beard Styles- 40 Best Patchy Facial Hairstyling Ideas

Patchy Beard Styles. Men style lately has a lot being about beards and facial hairstyle. Men want to look more rugged and handsome, thus most of them are opting for beards, especially patchy beards. In order to help boys and men, we have compiled the best patchy beard looks so that men can easily choose the look that will suit their face cut and personality. Simple beard styles.

We have already covered a post on How to Trim a Beard, where we provided you with step by step tutorial for trimming your beards. But today we will be focusing specifically on patchy beards since many of us face the issue of how to wear the patchy beards rightly. Hence we’ve also included a video tutorial which will help you learn the right way to trim patchy beards. So read on!

How to Style a Patchy Beard for a Sharp Look

↓40: The Disconnected Hairstyle Look

Young and middle age men can experiment with a different hairstyle, you can get a disconnected haircut with your patchy beard to achieve the smart look. RECOMMENDED: Types of Beards Styles; Their Name with Pictures; A Complete List

↓39: The Winter Look

Winter times and rugged look is an ideal combination. Men can layer themselves in multiple clothes, and opt for a medium stubble beard to look charming and handsome.

↓38: Winter Attire with Patchy Beard

For winters men can opt for a short stubble beard, as it can be easily managed with tons of layering of clothes.

↓37: The Wedding Day Look

A great option for men who are getting married and want to have the crisp look, they can go for full beard but ensure that it is short in length.

↓36: The Mix of Two Beard Styles

Men can benefit from combining different type of styles if they know what will suit their face cuts, for instance, a strap and a goatee can make you look stylish and elegant at the same time.

↓35: The Vintage Look

The vintage look is everyone’s favorite. All you have to do is wear your beard more heavy on the chin part and make sure the hair on the sides are more trimmed and tamed.

↓34: The Traveler’s Style

Men can play with their looks as well! Go for mustaches with a medium length full beard. This can compliment with multiple looks.

↓33: The Rugged Patch Beard

Women love men with the rugged look, so you can now go for a rough patchy beard and inspire your lady!

↓32: The Nerd Look

You can now prove people wrong if they say that with a beard you can’t achieve the nerd look. Opt for a disconnected mustache with a very light beard, wear suit and glasses and there you have the perfect nerd look.

↓31: The Formal Look

Men can benefit from the mutton chops beard style as well! A goatee infused with tamed mutton-chops style is ideal to create a formal look.

Best looking beard styles

Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Trim and Shape Patchy Beards

↓30: Be the Charmer

Adopt a style that you can carry with your everyday look and still manage to have its charm. A simple goatee with defined and properly trimmed facial hair is always the best solution. Here are some awesome Short Beard Styles-23 Best Tips on Styling Short Beards

↓29: The Simple Goatee

One thing all men and women agree upon is that a simple goatee has its own charm. From teen boys to adults all men can carry this style.

↓28: A Simple Attire to Rock the Look

Sometimes men can make themselves look sharp just by pulling a simple attire with their rugged patchy beard.

↓27: The Cool Dude Look

Some boys love to add bright colors to their outfits, for them the best advice we can give is to wear your light stubble with your funky dresses and be the cool dude.

↓26: Sharp Look for Oval Face

Men who have oval faces can easily manage a sharp look, by giving their hair a messy look and a medium trimmed full beard.

↓25: Running the Errands in Style

For men who are always up to look stylish, well they can have shoulder length hair with modern mutton chop beard style to compliment the whole look.

↓24: The Relaxing Sunday Look

No one wants to do extensive styling on Sunday, for this purpose, the ideal way is to let your natural beard grow instead of shaping and styling them and rock the look.

↓23: Outdoor Work Look

Outdoor works mean clean and decent dressing, along with the neat and tamed beard. You can have no or light mustache and go a little heavy on the beard but ensure that the hair is trimmed equally.

↓22: Office Look

For men who want to have the decent look for an everyday office look, well full beard combined with a goatee and a patch beard is the right choice.

↓21: The Shopping Day Look

Ready to take your lady out for shopping? Dress in semi-formal wear and let your short stubble with a disconnected mustache make the mark for the day.

↓20: The Game Day Look

Ready for the game day? Want to look sharp and all geared up? Well wear a sleeveless black top with black trousers and let there be medium length facial hair on your sideburns with really less hair on the chin and mustache. Do check out these Celebrities Beards Styles-30 Most Sexiest Actors with Beard

Nice beard shapes

↓19: Nick Jonas Style

When it comes to the young ideal who carries the best patchy beard looks, it is undoubtedly Nick Jonas. Copy his simple stubble style if you are a low maintenance person.

↓18: The Perfect Middle Age Men’s Style

Men who are in their middle ages can also carry a patchy beard but they have to ensure that the facial hair length is medium or a little longer as it gives them more mature look.

↓17: Keeping it Wild

School going boys want to achieve the rough and tough look, they can do it by going for a full beard but the hair has to longer in length so that they can look older and add a rugged touch to their personality.

↓16: Keep it Simple

For men and boys who are afraid to experiment much, they can opt for the simple medium-full beard with defined hairline on the sideburns. This is decent and suits all face types.

↓15: The Extra Patchy Beard

Young boys who want to experiment can do it by keeping an extra patchy beard, this means it isn’t as consistent and falling into place like a regular one, it has a lot of rawness like the one here in reference.

↓14: Keanu Reeves Patchy Beard Look

For men who want to have the perfect gentleman look, they can copy Keanu Reeves, edgy beard with more hair on the sideburns and a regular goatee.

↓13: Coffee Date Look

Want to keep it minimal yet smart on your coffee date? You can compliment your short stubble with Raybans and a trench coat and uplift your look.

↓12: Flaunt Your Man Bun

Man-bun is the most cherished fashion trend these days, so compile it with your edgy goatee and there you go, the perfect crisp look.

↓11: The Funky Formal

Not all men are in favor of wearing funky clothing, however, you can wear funky formals to different events or even to your office with a heavy beard with less or no defined lines.

↓10: Ideal Date Day Look

On an ideal date day, you must look neat and all fresh, thus your facial hair play a huge role. With nice dressing make sure you trim your beard and keep it to a short or medium stubble for a perfect look. RECOMMENDED: Stylish Beards; 21 Beard Styles for Teen Guys to Look Cool

↓9: The All Time Classic Look

All men can pull off the classic look with confidence and interestingly it suuits most men. A simple medium length beard with neatly pulled back hair.

Different beard styles with names

↓8: The Minimalism Effect

An interesting way to go about your patchy beard is to keep it as minimal as possible, for instance, a chin beard only with no mustache or connected beard can work wonders if you carry it with confidence.

↓7: Carry a Gym Look

Patchy beard compliment the gym look a lot! So guys you can carry it off with gym outfit and will still look dope.

↓6: The Beach Day Look

Add on some spikes and a short stubble, this look is youthful yet impactful and will compliment your beach party attire.

↓5: David Beckham’s Style

David Beckham is a fashion idol for men, like him, add some voluminous spikes with a full beard and disconnected mustache to add charm.

↓4: Go Colorful

Men can wear colorful clothes instead of restricting themselves to blacks and grays. The additon of color will naturally uplift their face and the patchy beard.

↓3: Add Mustache

Most men add mustache to their beard as they know additon of mustache gives a gentle look to the edgy beard nad it makes them look more attractive.

↓2: Add Accessories

Men can also benefit from adding accessories, for example, a woolen hat in winter can make your patchy stubble beard look more prominent and attractive.

↓1: The Cozy Day Look

Planning to spend the day at home with your loved ones? Well let your hair be a little wild and for your facial hair, follow the same trend, let them grow wild but to medium length only.
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