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Shaving and male facial hair removal has very much been in the limelight recently. If you are like most men then you are probably of the like minded opinion that of the many men’s cool beard styles one may choose to wear; they are a big part of a man’s overall style and fashion look. If you are among the many men interested in growing a beard but don’t know where to start then this is just the right place for you to get great information on awesome beard styles you can try out. Chin beard styles.

When it comes down to facial hair removal or shaving, for most men beard styles are often determined and selected by popularity, compatibility and personal choice. There are a large number of fashionable beard styles that men in this day and age may choose from. The younger generation of men is more likely to go for crazy beard styles that stand out and make more of a fashion statement than conventional age old beard styles.

Though there are quite a number of modern beard styles men have to choose from today; there are several factors that go in to determining whether the style you select for yourself is appropriate or suitable for you. Considerations such as face size, shape and or structure need to be factored in order for you to make the right decision on what beard style best suits you. The following are just a few tips, suggestions and information on cool beard styles that may be of interest to you:

Full untrimmed beard style: Full beard styles can best be described as downward flowing facial hair composition or design that may or may not be integrated with a moustache. If you have a small face or face shape it is generally a good idea to avoid growing a full beard as this may make you look out of proportion.

Beard cut design

Full trimmed beard style: A popular and often consider cool beard style for men interested in wearing a full beard is the “permanent 5 o’clock shadow. This look is high maintenance and requires you to grow and maintain a 25 millimeter beard.

Circle beard styles: These types of beards are very commonly mistaken for goatee style beards. A circle beard can generally be described as small chin beards that meet around the mouth to a moustache. This men’s beard style is best suited men who have a small face shape.

Hollywoodian bead style: This beard style comprises of a beard that features an integrated moustache that is worn on the lower region of the chin and jaw area and tapers towards the direction of ones ears without connecting to sideburns.

Best beard style for small face

Royal beard style: This is a French beard style that consists of a narrow pointed beard extending from the chin. Because this beard style was most popular during the period of the second Empire its alternative name is “le imperiale” or the imperial.

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