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-First of all, a long beard isn’t something that can be taken easily, and keeping long beard styles is even harder. To grow it, you need patience, and then some more patience. Along patience you also need to take good care of it while its growing. You have to make sure you don’t mistreat your hairs by blow drying them too intensely, or by letting your hair and skin run out of vitamins. Long beard styles.

-Hello utopian, if you already have grown a long beard, then the next step lies here. I’m here today to tell you how to manage a long beard style and how not to end up ruining all that hair you grew.

Long Beard Styles | How to Condition

-So, the first thing you’re gonna want to do when taking care of your beard is to make sure every end is even, and no hair is left untrimmed.

Keeping a long beard is what most gentlemen consider the hardest to do. However, when you do it right you’re not gonna have a problem keeping up with the work.

Take a hot shower and make sure you soak your beard in all of that warm water. This will help make it easier to style your beard in any way you want.

After showering, dry your beard gently using a towel. When dried I would recommend you use hair protection spray, which can be found in the Argan Oil Hair Treatment gift set.

After applying it, grab a blow dryer and a comb which doesn’t damage your hair and skin.

Always dry downwards at a lower temperature, never high, because it will burn your hair. Use the comb and the blow dryer together. Go softly on your hair, because being too intense is gonna lead to hair loss.

Now that your beard is dry and healthily shaped, grab a trimmer and gently trim off the longer hairs that don’t fit your beard. Use a pair of scissors for your mustache, same principle.

Best facial hair styles

Long Beard Styles

-There really isn’t much you could make out of a long beard, except a long beard. Here are three different types of long beards.

1. Wild Style

2. Cubicle Form

3. Pointy Tip, also known as a Wizard Beard

-Most men growing their beards are often gonna get waves and curls. Not to worry though, that’s natural.

You can do a handful of things to straighten it out:

Use of hot water to make the hair softer and easy to shape.

Applying beard balm so that it sticks in that shape.

Applying beard oil so that you have all the moisture you need to straighten it.

Beard wax for maximum hair manipulation, this allows you to style is even upwards without it falling back into it’s natural shape.

Long Beard Styles | Mustache Grooming

-To go with the slick beard you have, you need to pair a mustache just as well. Mustache grooming requires patience and precision, if you’re looking to make it perfect. One bad trim and the symmetrical proportion will be ruined, leaving you with an ugly side.

Mens beard styles short

-Comb your mustache well and cut off stray hairs as it will make your mustache look unclean. Use scissors and cut the hairs little by little. Don’t do one side first, rather do them simultaneously little by little. Use Beard Wax if you’re looking to curl up the edges of your mustache, it will make it stick to that position and never let go.

Looking Classy with a Long Beard

-So, a lot of people seem to be misinformed as to how a classy bearded gentleman should look.

-When thinking of a classy beard, a man is needed to represent that beard. This cannot be done if you’re sloppy when taking care of your beard. Class represents perfection, and to become classy that’s exactly what you have to do, become perfect, in other words flawless. You want others to notice the care you’ve put into your beard. This means no curls, no waves, and certainly no loose hairs that make you look fuzzy and unclean. Trim, shave and style your beard to the point of perfection, and on top of it add your own unique twist to it.

The difference between a “Classy” Long Beard, and a “Caveman” Long Beard

-There’s a fine line that can be drawn when talking about the difference between a classy, well kept beard and a raw, naturally kept manfuzz. To achieve the caveman look you really don’t have to do much. Grow your beard for a couple of years without any care or design and you’ll easily get it, but to get classy you have got to put in a lot of effort, get a lot of different products to find out which ones make your beard shine brightest, and trim a lot of bogus hairs regularly. Its a chore, however it’s globally appreciated by all, women especially.

Pros and Cons of having a Long Beard

Children are often intimidated by huge beards and tend not to interfere with such people.

Length of a beard is often associated with a wise mind, so if you’re looking for recognition among intellectuals, a long beard is the way to go.

With a long beard, comes a confident personality. While you face many difficulties growing and keeping it, both socially and personally, eventually your confidence will start to rocket. This makes you a more appealing person all around, especially with the ladies.

Foods and drinks will often get stuck in your beard, making you take more care of it, so if you aren’t ready to deal with some problems, I wouldn’t advise you keeping a long beard.

Different goatee shapes

People might often associate you with a homeless person, or what is known as a hobo.

You might end up getting checked at airports, or people giving you a strange eye, but as long as you know that you didn’t do something wrong, proceed ahead with confidence.

With all of that said, good luck with your long beard adventures and stay positive.
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