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Eric’s here to give some guidance to our readers with beard patches. There is absolutely nothing wrong with patchy beards! Just because you have a few patches in your facial hair doesn't mean you can't experience the awesomeness that comes with being a beardsman. Here are 5 common mistakes that men with patchy beards make: Men in beared.

1 - Not Growing Your Beard Out

Just because you have a few patches in your beard doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a chance to shine! If you notice some patches in your beard growth, take a breath and don’t panic, because this isn’t the end of the world! In fact, most guys have some kind of patches in their facial hair (some just don’t see them under their growth).

If you have visible patches in your beard, it just means your beard is unique to you! Only you can decide whether the patches make or break your beard – there aren’t any rules out there about what kind of facial hair you can or can't have. There are tons of different facial hair options for men with patches.

We put together an awesome article on a full stack of different facial hair styles we recommend based on different features of your beard, face, and hair. Try something different! Mustache-centric looks are great for men with patchy beards, as well as shorter beards like "Stubble" or a "Corporate Beard".

There are plenty of celebrities and athletes with patchy beards that still choose to rock their look with confidence. If Johnny Depp and James Franco can rock a patchy beard to award shows, why can’t you rock a patchy beard in your daily life?

2 - Not giving your beard enough time.

Believe it or not, your beard may not be as patchy as you think; beards take time to grow in completely. Some parts of your facial hair grow faster than others, and other parts of your facial hair grow in denser than others. Some areas may look like patches, but they may be parts of your beard that grow in at a slower rate with less coverage.

Give your new look some time to grow in before deciding to pull the plug or trying something fresh. What may look like a patchy beard with only 50% coverage may grow to 70% coverage in just a couple weeks! Be patient, and keep on growing.

2016 men's beard styles

That’s the thing with beards: the longer they get, the more equally distributed they appear. We aren’t saying that the process of letting your beard grow out won’t come with some awkward moments, but if you can take those moments in stride and simply let your beard keep on growing, your facial hair will appear much fuller in less time than you might expect.

3 - Comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to other beardsmen is probably the easiest mistake you can make, especially if you have some patches. There are a few things you should try to remember whenever you give in to the urge of self-comparison:

Everyone is completely different

We all have facial hair strengths and weaknesses

Genetics (the blueprint for your beard) are not in our control

You excel at things others do not


Grow a beard for yourself – not for anyone else

You only see the qualities in others that they allow you to see

If you’re stuck comparing yourself to other people and really want to adjust your look for personal comfort, going with a shorter beard style will likely help you feel more comfortable.

At the end of the day, it’s important that you’re growing your beard because you want to. Maybe you’re testing your patience, or maybe you’re attempting to look more mature. Just remember that growing a beard for yourself also means accepting your genetics, and embracing what you have. Most of us don’t have perfectly symmetrical eye-to-neck growth. In fact, those beards are pretty rare.

4 - Don't fall for growth oil scams.

Do not buy beard growth oils! If you’re looking at any growth products that claim to give you a dense, full beard unlike anything you’re capable of, close that tab immediately. These products are equivalent to pills that claim to change the size of your genitals, or supplements that allege to make you look like Chris Hemsworth in 4 weeks. These companies prey on the insecurities of guys while making bold claims about the efficacy of their products. They don’t have any science or testing to back up these claims, either. There are oils that can help maintain the health of your facial hair and skin, but they’re not going to magically create more hair follicles in your cheeks.

The difference between beard oils and oils that claim to make your beard grow thicker is essentially that they're marketed differently. Oils that claim to condition your beard, soften your skin, and help with your beard’s appearance are typically marketed with honest intentions. Any company that claims their oil increases your hair growth rate, or the density of your beard, is straight-up lying to you. It’s not possible to trigger more facial hair growth with a topical, over the counter oil.

Best simple beard styles

5 - Not taking care of your patchy beard.

All beards need love, whether they’re short and patchy or dense and long. Applying beard oil, Utility Balm, Beard Wash and Beard Softener to your beard on a regular basis will increase the overall health of your skin and hair. A patchy beard makes the skin underneath more visible, so you will want to make sure your skin care regimen is up to snuff.

When your skin and hair are healthy, they make for a more attractive appearance and strong hair growth. Whatever choices you make about your facial hair, just remember that no matter what choice you make, investing in skin and hair care will help you groom with confidence.
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