Latest shaving style. Beard Styles 2018- 15 Epic Facial Hairs for Men this Year

Beard Styles 2018. These are the most phenomenal beard styles that you need to look up to, to make your year more stylish and updates than anyone else. These catchy beard looks have made their way to the upcoming year because of the excessive amount of preference of men they have received in the previous years. Different beard hair types.

So have a nice look at these 15 most appreciated and loved beard looks compiled from men’s most top preferences as well as includes the love of some of the best celebs, who owned the style they adopted. So, go ahead.

2018 Facial Hair Types for Different Face Types

↓ 15 – The Balbo Beard Style

Take best beard highlights from the iconic Robert Downey who stole the real life show with his groundbreaking Balbo beard look and we cannot possibly be more grateful for Hollywood fashion. It’s a great swag look for men in their 40s and beyond. Now coming towards the main question, what exactly is a Balbo beard?

The Balbo beard is suspected to have its origin in Italy and it includes a mustache, combined with a soul patch and some beard hair on both sides of the soul patch. It’s a beard style which gives you the gangster look without looking like you made a lot of effort into your look.

So who should grow a Balbo beard? Men with a prominent chin who wish to make the chin look broader rather than narrow or pointy should definitely go for this style.

↓ 14 – The Bandholz Beard Look

Want the smuggest yet most artistic style? Have your best of luck with Bandholz beard look for men that has excellently made its way to 2018 and we will be getting more of it.

↓ 13 – The Stubble Goatee

The immensely grim yet appealing stubble goatee beard look has got men wanting to keep it for longer and we can see why. The less detailed circle beard for men keeps it light and cool and mildly formal. Check otu Celebrities Goatee Styles; These 20 Actors Who Love Goatees

Small goatee

↓ 12 – The Absolute Clean Shaven Style

The absolute clean-shaven style is still on the page of 2018 because it simply cannot be eliminated from men’s choice of not keeping a beard at all. Way to go.

↓ 11 – Extended Goatee Style

The extended goatee is simply a broader form of the traditional goatee. For instance, while this is what you’ll call a goatee:

An extended goatee will look more like this:

The picture above shows actor Ben Affleck in an extended goatee which of course includes a mustache.

↓ 10 – Friendly Mutton Chops Look

The friendly mutton chops look of Bradley Cooper will admire you to bits because the attractive star has impressed fans with this look in some of his best work. Check out Mutton Chops Beard Styles-15 Best Looks with Mutton Chop Beards

The mutton chop beard style involves broad sideburns that are connected with the mustache. It gives a man a very bold but also a friendly look. Once again, there are many different beards of this style which trend from time to time. The T mutton chops, for instance, have been more popular amongst older man while the boomerang mutton chops are a favorite for youngsters.

How to style a beard

Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Shave Mutton Chops Beard Style

If this beard style won over your heart then check this simple tutorial to learn how to grow the mutton chops and rock them in swag.

↓ 9 – Swaggy Full Beard

Who says an absolute full beard style cannot be swaggy or equally cooler? So retain your cool and bring out your swag with a completely full beard for men in 2018 look because style comes in all ways.

↓ 8 – The Garibaldi Style

The festive Garibaldi beard style will be handy if you tend to keep your beard messier than most people would. have your try depending on whether you can manage long beards!

↓ 7 – The Imperial Beard Style 2018

The glorious imperial beard style from the past has finally made its way to 2018 and is included in the list of all awesome beards to be followed by men in the year to come. RECOMMENDED: Full Beard Styles and Tips on Growing and Styling Full Beard

↓ 6 – The Short Stubble

The signature style of none other than the most memes-inspired singer in the image below has given us some great tips about the short stubble beard look for 2018.

↓ 5 – The Medium Stubble Look

The perfect spot in between the full beard and clean-shave is the medium stubble beard. If you’re looking for a beard style that represents your laid back and casual personality then this is what you’re looking for. It can easily be maintained with an electric trimmer.

Guys beard style

↓ 4 – The Long Stubble Style

The long stubble beard style for all those who want a bit of everything in their beard styles.

↓ 3 – The Van Dyke Appearance

One of the oldest beard styles that never goes out of style. The Van Dyke came around in the 17th century and it is a combination of mustache and goatee with clean shaved cheeks. Over the years, many variations of this style have developed so every guy can find a van dyke beard to suit his personality and face shape. Many actors have made this look popular by growing it to impeccable perfection, our favorites include Johny Depp and Christian Bale.

↓ 2 – Groomed Stubble

The groomed stubble beard style for men who want to come off as friendly and outspoken. Let’s have a try.

↓ 1 – The Jawline Beard Style for Youngsters

This beard style is also known as the chin strap beard and you can grow it with or without the mustache, and it looks great on young guys. These beards got popular in the 18th century but now once again they are back in style for 2018. This beard style involves growing a thin strip of hair from one end of the face to the other including the jawline and chin.
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