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Beard is a feature that men usually consider the most important part of the face. You need time to understand your growth and texture to figure out what style would suit you. One important factor that must also be considered while deciding a beard style is the face cut. The face cut plays a very important role in defining the facial features. You have to decide on styles that can accentuate your features and can complement your personality. Beard design for round face.

Men with round or oval face cut have to follow the styles that will help them look thinner and avoid the looks that will make them look fat. It becomes difficult for men to decide what style would suit them so here are some of the points that are mentioned below that can help you decide what suits you the best.

Nowadays men of all ages are trying out different styles so there is not stereotype attached to any style.

Step 1: The most important thing that someone has to understand is whether a particular style will suit him or not. Because experimenting with the styles is fun but choosing the right style is actually a difficult job.

Step 2: You have to understand what is the shape of your face. You will have to write down the points that you may be expecting from the style like if you want to focus more on the moustache, or if you want to focus on the chin or the jawline.

Step 3: Some styles may also make you look fatter than you actually are so you have to focus on adopting those styles that will do justice to your good looks. Slight change to the beard style can help you transform your look completely.

To understand if your face cut is round you have to notice few things.

Men having round face will have no or less angles towards the chin. They may not have any jaw lines instead their jaw line will also be round in shape.

The width of the cheek bones and the length of the jaw are almost equal. They will have lesser area towards their forehead and the lower part of the face will be more area wise.

They have a lot of variety to try out as having different beard styles will make their face look angular.

Men with round face complain about the fact that their face may look fat. Here are some of the styles that you can try which will not only make your face look thinner but will also make you look smart, more confident and will help your features to stand out.

Men with round face have an advantage as they can experiment a lot with their beard styles.

They can keep long beards which will make their face look longer. This can help them get the angular look that will define their face even more.

They have the option of trying out long beard styles with moustaches which will make them look more commanding.

There are other styles that will make them look younger.

Here we have mentioned ten different styles that are recommended for men with round face.

Maintaining your hygiene is a must so taking a bath and cleaning your face and the beard is something that should be done daily.

You have to decide according to the style that you want, the beard growth and texture whether to use a clipper or a razor.

After using a razor always remember to use an aftershave to prevent yourself from getting any kind of infections.

If you use a clipper then you have to wash it daily after use.

Use beard oil/ shampoos to clean the dust and the dirt from the beard. Keeping the beard clean is a very important step that has to be followed daily.

Have the right nutrients to enhance the beard growth like drink water, have green vegetables and fresh fruit juices to detox the body.

Lastly, moisturize your skin daily because after shaving the skin also becomes dry and damaged so there is a need to constantly moisturize it.

1. Inverted T Beard Style

This style particularly focuses on the jawline and enhances the features.

You have a choice of keeping two different styles under the inverted T beard style which are the Anchor look or the Balbo look.

This style resembles the goatee beard style but gives a little more volume to your beard.

It is best suited for men who have to patchy growth and have to struggle to get the thick beard look.

The anchor look is a trimmed and well-kept beard while the Balbo look is more of a clean cheek look and the beard is covering a wider area towards the chin.

How to shape or style your beard

How to trim a beard

The first step towards achieving this look is to trim towards the cheek and the sideburns with the help of a clipper.

You have to follow an inward direction while shaving till the time the beard is uniformly cut.

You have to also focus on the moustache so you will have to trim them evenly for a neater look.

Use a sharp razor or a trimmer to make your beard look sharper which will eventually help you enhance your facial features.

2. Boxed Beard Style

This style some what resembles the full beard style but it is different in the context that the Beard is well kept and is neatly trimmed.

It gives your face a fuller look that compliments a number of hairstyles and looks.

This styles basically focuses on the cheek bones. You may have to trim your beard regularly like three to four times a week to get this perfect look.

How to shape or style your beard-

You will first have to identify your beard growth and the areas where the growth is thick.

You can follow two styles under this look which are the high and the low boxed style.

Use a straight razor and start removing the hair towards the sides of the face leaving the side burns.

Remove the growth if any towards the neck or the bottom of the face to get a neater look.

You have to keep the growth towards the jawline thicker than the sides.

Trim the moustache and give it a shape that suits the boxed look and avoid removing too much hair.

3. No Moustache and Chin Beard Style

This style can be followed in different ways like you can keep a short chin beard for a younger look or you can have a long chin beard for a more matured look.

This style involves the side burns, the chin and the jawline.

For this style you will have to grow your beard without trimming it for at least ten to fifteen days.

How to shape or style your beard-

You have to trim towards the jaw line leaving the side burns.

Keep the beard growth thicker towards the chin. Remove the growth around the neck.

Go along the shape of your face and start trimming the beard from the sides towards the jaw and then meet the chin.

4. Circle Beard Style or the Goatee Style

The look focuses on the mouth so this style may help some public speakers to look more confident and wiser.

This style can be kept in different ways depending upon which style will suit your personality.

You can keep a circle beard while extending its ends along the jawline or simply keeping it longer towards the chin.

How to shave or style your beard-

You will have to shave all the beard that is on the cheek and then move towards the jawline.

Focus on keeping the moustache and some beard on the chin.

Avoid shaving too much hair. Remove all the hair on the neck to get the perfect look.

Best dadhi style

Evenly trim the beard on the chin according to the requirement and then blend the moustache with the beard while trimming.

Using a razor would be the best option to achieve this look as it will provide wider coverage.

5. Full beard style

This style makes you look more masculine and matured.

For this style you will have to understand your natural beard growth.

This basically involves natural growth with a little bit of trimming.

To get this style you will have to grow your beard for at least twelve fifteen days for the perfect look.

How to shave or style your beard-

This style requires a lot of care before and after the beard growth.

You will have to wait for the required length

Start trimming from the sides towards the jawline and then the chin. Remember not to trim too much as this look requires heavy growth.

You will have to use beard oils and other products to nourish the skin and the beard as the maintenance of the style is a must.

6. Pointed beard style

This style is also known as the Devils Beard.

This is a very powerful look and will make you look more commanding.

This can be done in two ways one of them being the simple triangular beard at the chin.

And the other being a triangular cut in the middle of the beard on the chin.

How to shave or style your beard-

You will have to understand the beard growth and texture.

This is the best style for men who want to give a neat look with longer beard.

You will have to trim the side burns moving towards the jawline and then the chin.

The beard at the chin has to be kept long and pointed to get the desired look.

Shave the extras if any from the neck. Using a clipper would be advised instead of a razor for trimming.

7. Side burns with no beard style

This is the best style for a neat and sophisticated look.

This look will require less maintenance and is suited for those who are struggling to grow thick beard.

Men who have patchy growth should go with this style as their permanent look.

How to shave or style your beard-

Using a razor would be the best option for this style as it will provide a wider coverage and will help you shave of the beard completely.

Start shaving the beard from the cheeks leave straight patches extending the sideburns

Completely shave off the beard from the cheeks and the chin. You can also remove the moustache for the desired look.

Short beard with goatee

Remove excess hair if any from the neck. use an after shave to avoid any kind of infections.

8. The Stubble Style

This style will not require time. You can get this look by not shaving the beard for two-three days.

This is the best style for those who have a light growth or have a beard that has a wavy texture.

For best results completely shave off the beard and then wait for few days for a symmetrical stubble look.

How to shave or style your beard-

This style enhances the features and will give you a smarter look.

You simply have to shave off the whole beard at first.

Then once the growth starts to pop out using a clipper start trimming till you get the right style.

You have the option of keeping a heavy stubble for a more masculine look.

9. Van dyke style

This style will require some maintenance but the end result is worth it.

Those men who want to focus more on the moustache this is the suggested look for them.

Men with lighter beard growth can try this look.

How to shave or style your beard-

Using a razor would be the best option as you will need clean cheeks for this look.

You will have to wait for a few days for some growth after which you can start shaving the beard from the cheeks.

You have to focus on the moustache so keep it pointed and just keep some beard on the chin resembling a goatee look.

Remove any excess hair from the neck to make it look cleaner.

10. Horseshoe mustache style

For those men who are not in favour of keeping a beard this style is recommended.

This is more of a clean shaved look with just focusing on the moustache to give a more matured look.

How to shave or style your beard-

To get this look using a razor is advised for a neat shave.

Start shaving the beard from the cheeks towards the chin.

Here you have to be careful as the moustache has to be kept in a way that it is covering the lining of the chin and shaving of the middle part.

You have the option of keeping the moustache longer than the chin while covering the outer lining. Or you can just shave off the ends giving it a more defined look.

Remove the extras from the neck.
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