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Fashion is what you wear, but style is how you wear it. Anyone can buy the right clothes and grab the same thing off the rack they saw on their favorite celebrity, but the truly stylish man knows that a quality canvas can make all the difference for the final artwork. That’s why taking care of yourself over and underneath your clothing is so important. Best hairstyle with beard.

While it may seem like the hair, beard, and skincare basics stay largely the same every year, there are definite trends that direct us men on specific paths. From the man bun in the early 2010s to the revival of the Peaky Blinders undercut in the last five years, there are always trends and styles to keep in mind. Here are the top grooming trends of 2023.

2023 hair trends

A lot goes into the choice of haircut a man gets, from his hair type to his face shape to his commitment to care. We all may want to try out Thor’s long, flowing locks, but few of us have the dedication to make it happen and the time for the maintenance that look requires. Here are three looks that are bound to be hits with men in 2023.

The Princeton (or Ivy League)

The Princeton is a solid look for any man who likes understated class. It’s similar to an undercut: There is a significant difference between the length on top and the length on the sides and back. The top length should be 3–5 cm and feature a soft transition to the ears and back, which should be as short as possible.

The Elvis

The Elvis-style pompadour is not a new hairstyle, which makes sense because the king of rock and roll was rocking the look on stage back in the middle of the last century. However, thanks to Austin Butler reviving the classic look in his portrayal of the musician, it’s primed to make a comeback in 2023. While the traditional pompadour is characterized by a shorter back and sides and a perfectly quaffed front, look for 2023’s updated version to have a little less structure and a little more wild and carefree fun.

Hottest beard styles

The artistic flair

Men are coming out of their shells with their hair now that the last few years have allowed us to showcase who we are in new and exciting ways. More and more stylists are going through cosmetology school and focusing on straight-razor work, and they’re excited to get their hands on the canvas on the side of your head. While we don’t recommend you let them do whatever their heart desires, take this opportunity in 2023 to express yourself with a design shaved into the shorter sides and back of your hair to add that extra level of flair.

2023 beard trends

Nothing says manliness quite like growing a luscious beard for all to covet. Your masculine energy will likely inspire people to ask your opinion on things like axes, flannel, or the best beers of the season. They may even ask for your help fixing their car, simply because your beard makes them think you’re the kind of man who knows man-things. Of course, just growing the old COVID beard from a lack of care or maintenance is not the vibe for 2023. Instead, here are three beards you should strive for in the new year.

Imperial beard

There are a few different definitions of what makes up an imperial beard, but the one that will grow in popularity during 2023 consists of a medium-length, trimmed beard, along with a slightly longer and more prominent mustache. Why is this beard so fetching on men? Because it gives the wearer an aura of authority. We can’t explain it, but if a man sporting this beard tells you to do something at the office, you tend just to assume he’s in charge and knows what he’s doing.

Faded beard

One of the newer styles that has appeared over the last few years has been the faded beard. Distinguished by creating a separation between the beard and the hair using a vertical fade going in both directions, the look creates a top-to-bottom symmetry. Your hair and beard should be similar in length all around, while the fade should meet in the middle and mirror itself. This choice is great for men that want to elongate their heads and fight against a rounder head shape.

Chin beard

Salt and pepper

In 2023, many men will shake off the fear of growing older. They are no longer worried about showing their age. Instead, they will wear their grays with pride, knowing that the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that came with the years make them elevated versions of themselves. Not to mention, women tend to think a silver fox is, well, a fox. Sorry, beard dye companies, but your time has come and gone; the salt and pepper look is here to stay.

2023 skincare trends

Your skin is one of the very first things people notice about you. If your body is a book and your clothing is the book cover, your skin is the prologue. Men have learned to embrace skincare in the past couple of decades, an imperative task to continue looking good. The leathery skin of mid-century movie cowboys is no longer the way to go; instead, looking younger than your age, like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, comes from proper skincare. Just like any other science, men’s skincare develops over time. These are 2023’s newest skincare trends for men.

Quality over quantity

There are dozens and dozens of brands and products to choose from when you’re searching for the best items for your skin. However, 2023 is about quality. Clean out that shelf stacked with numerous single-purpose products and switch to brands that offer high-quality products that do multiple things. Just a cleanser and a moisturizer are good enough for most men. A new day is dawning, and your bathroom shelf and your wallet will be grateful for it.

Body care is skincare

Your skincare doesn’t stop at your collarbone. Instead, 2023 is the time to focus on your whole body. Begin with a body wash that consists of all-natural ingredients and no perfumes or alcohols, and continue throughout the day by reapplying sunscreen when you swim or sweat, or just after several hours. Yes, sunscreen is essential even when you aren’t at the beach. If you didn’t know that in 2022, treat your body better in 2023.

Face shaving style

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