Beard trimmer. Pete Wicks shows off major beard and hair transformation and he looks VERY different, Closer

However, he hasn’t always had his signature look. Oh no. In new throwback photos posted by Pete, he gave his followers a look at all the different hair and beard styles he’s tried over the years and they didn’t disappoint - from a bald head to a long bushy beard. Beard styles 2016.

Posting on his Instagram story, Pete shared a snap of himself with a quiff and a beard, writing, “Who let me grow that?”, before sharing a second photo of himself completely BALD, saying, “One extreme to the other!”.

The third photo was the most shocking, as it saw Pete rocking a moustache and glasses with the caption, “Finally..."

It’s safe to say, we fancy ALL versions of Pete The Pirate.

How old is Pete Wicks?

Pete was born on 31 October 1988, making his 33 years old and a Halloween baby.

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What happened with Pete Wicks and Chloe Sims?

TOWIE co-stars Pete Wicks and Chloe Sims go way back, with their friendship being one of the tightest (and most dramatic) in Essex. However, in 2019, they famously fell out after “crossing the boundaries” of their friendship, with them both admitting during an episode of TOWIE that they had a sexual relationship on and off for two years.

New mustache and beard styles

There was a lot of agg as Pete decided not to pursue their romance and they've been trying to repair their friendship ever since, with Pete they are in a “much better place” as friends. He even got her name tattooed on his hand.

However, in February 2022, it was widely reported that Pete and Chloe had fallen out yet again as Chloe unfollowed Pete on Instagram and removed all traces of him from her feed.

According to reports,the former couple are suggesting that they won't be able to film scenes together when filming for TOWIE resumes in June.

A source told The Sun, "It could be a disaster for Towie as Chloe is saying she won't be able to film with Pete.

"But I think everyone on the show is worried that by the time filming starts, they'll have made up and all the drama will have happened off camera - not on!"

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Is Pete Wicks related to Joe Wicks?

They are both good looking Essex boys with long hair, but sadly they're not related. Joe Wicks has two brothers and Pete doesn't have any. Could they be long lost cousins? Maybe. But nothing has been confirmed.

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What does Pete Wicks do for a living?

He used to work as a high flying company director in the city.

“Before the show I worked in the city for nearly 11 years," he explained previously.

“I had a fairly good job. I was a director of a company for many years and we supplied consultant doctors to the NHS. It was a complete contrast to what I'm doing now."

However, Pete is now a reality star and influencer, but has invested money into property.

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Does Pete Wicks have a son?
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