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Your young man craves for attention, and cool hairstyles will make him feel better and good about himself. It’s that time again our boys hit the local barbershop for a fade haircut style. But what exactly is the most trending and cool haircut that goes well with his hair? The various choices of fade cuts available might get you confused especially if the kid is to look dashing and edgy. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to be in the know of the best look that you wish on your son. Fade cuts are generally very versatile, stylish and flattering. We have done our best to highlight the popular haircuts that are unique and quite easy to rock. Here are the various fade cut hairdos that any African youngster can sport. Shaving style for boys.


Here are some of the best hairstyles for boys.

1. Buzzcut with burst fade


Buzz Fade haircut black kids offer lovely simplicity to the fade cut. The visible uniform cut is easy to maintain, and no doubt makes a kid look remarkable. The infused burst fade twist to the haircut will give your little angel an angelic look. The burst fade cut feature well-trimmed sides that portrays an edgy and sharp finish. Depending on your liking or the barber’s advice, you may settle on a low fade cut on the sides plus tall strands on top. The haircut is nevertheless a great way to sport a Mohawk for a kinky black hair. Surgical lines are incorporated for an added elegance.

2. Drop fade haircut black kids


The drop fade haircut was adopted from the classic fade, only that the fade extends beyond the ears; creating a tapered curved fade. By doing that, the barber forms a symmetrical arc with a curvature of the head shape. The drop fade haircut is ideally a modernized classic hairstyle that yields a natural look. Your kid's kinky or curly hair will also be a good match with this haircut.

The jagged fade haircut is another derivative fade hairstyle of the classic fade. No doubt an undying style that keeps pushing the limits in the quest to ooze freshness and sharpness.

3. Low skin fade with braided cornrows


This skin low fade haircut black haircut presents a long hair on top and shortened side hair that which progressively shortens towards the back. What yields the fade effect is steadily trimmed strands. The cornrow braids found at the top create an alluring girly look that every young kid would die to have. The overall look will be a heavy braided top that looks modern and stylish. The haircut is becoming popular among city –residing kids.

4. Low fade haircut with kinky hair

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Cool beard styles for boys

In most cases, you will find low fade haircuts featuring tapered, textured cut located above the neckline. If your kid has a medium to long hair that needs requires a transformed thinner look, then this is your best pick. Together with haircut styles like mid-fade and high-fade haircuts, they have made it into the list of the most popular styles among the young kids. The versatility guaranteed by the low fade style is accorded by the high-contrast looking long hair on top. Rocking this style gives your youngster a clean, stylish poise. You can alter the texture of the long hair to create creative hairstyles.

5. High fade haircut with side surgical lines


The high fade sets off a tapered theme on the top of the hair contrasting with the short trimmed sides. The cuts begin at the most upper part on the side. This stylish haircut has very delicately infused surgical lines on the side that are well reflected by artistic patterns. This cut gives a youngster a style that puts a lot of emphasis on their beautiful hair.

6. Bald fade haircut with a curly top

The Bald fade haircut also goes by the name zero fade or skin fade. This trendy and captivating haircut is stylish. The identifying quality of this style is the shaven sides of the head including the back. The many ways to rock this style is either a low, mid or high skin fade option.

The best results are afforded by an extremely short on the side hair with a longer hair on top. This super cool cut comes with a curly top crown that sheds precious elegance. A complete finish to the cut is a medium cut done on the sides and into the fade. Additionally, the barber may implant a surgical lineup line on the side for an appealing swanky statement. Be assured your adorable kid will be comfy with this cut hairdo during the summer.

7. Frohawk/faux hawk fade haircut

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This excellent haircut features the apparent faux hawk hairdo with trimmed side fade. The typical cut style will have a long hair positioned on the middle of the head to mimic a mohawk, except that shaving of the sides is foregone to afford a taper into a nice fade. Without a doubt, this haircut is exceptionally classy and accords your youngster the best reason to flaunt his composure. So next time you ask what’s the best fade haircut for your kid, you got the answer right here.

8. Curly burst fade Mohawk with a lineup

Source: Pinterest, @The UnderCut

The burst fade Mohawk also goes by the name 'The South of France'. It ranks as one of the top best fade haircuts that you can rock. Notably, the style has been popularized by the RnB star, Usher, who is known to rock the haircut. The cut will go well with either a long or a short hair. The primary objective of the cut is to blend the Mohawk with a burst fade to give refined clipped sides and a conspicuously defined top long hair extending all the way to the back. The burst fade on each side and the Mohawk effect is given a classy and relaxed look with a good-looking line up as seen above.

9. High top fade with low skin


Goatee styles 2016

This haircut features low fade on both sides and back accorded by precise razor skills that bring out an exquisite look. It resembles the flat top fade cut, only that the high hair is not subjected to further trimming for the box look. However, the box cut feature in this style fades down circumventing the head. A simple tapering of the hair located around the perimeter is another styling option. Although it was the signature style back in 80’s and 90’s, its significance in modem hairstyles has come to be appreciated especially the high top fade haircut with beard style

10. Mid fade cut with short kinky hair


Nothing gives a balanced styling than a mid (medium) fade haircut that lies between the low fade and high fade hairdo. The defining attribute to this style is a tapered cut below the temples but positioned on the head’s middle just above the ear. The haircut has variable styling options hence very versatile. Some of the options include having the fade cut to taper down all the way around the sides of the head and back to the top. Complete shaving on the back must be accomplished.

You can still wear this haircut style with your long hair. The endless styling options emphasize how magnificent this type of cut has become. Check out the above fade haircut pictures and see whether you can borrow some ideas.

11. Temple Fade with Curls

It is one of the fantastic fade hairstyles, and the good thing is that you can rock it without having to alter a lot to your hair. The temple fade is also known as Brooklyn fade or a blowout. You will be surprised to know how accommodating the haircut is to various styles. Temple fade has a distinctive cut-down temple and sideburns that proceed to taper into back to the facial hair. If you would like your young son to get a cut that preserves a significant amount of hair, then Temple fade is your bet.

12. Taper fade haircut style

Source: YouTube, @Jorge Zepeda

Many parents and older boys love fade haircuts because fades are generally low-maintenance. It might be the best birthday gift for your youngster. This iconic hairstyle is celebrated for awarding the young men a trendy look. Any casual event will work with this haircut. The fading effect looks so charming; thanks to the thickened hair and darker shades of their hair.

13. Flat Top Fade

The name flat top stems from the haircut’s style that features flat hair across the high hair horizon, giving an impression of a box depending on the length of the hair. The shape at the top gives the haircut the two names: box fade and high top. The sight of a kid’s flat top cut is just unique and showcases extreme creativity. Its popularity ranks high among sports personalities, making it a darling for the boys who adore them. Be sure to experiment with different stripes and hair lengths until you find the one that suits the kid.

14. Short Afro fade with a lineup


The Afro fade haircut goes by many names; the most significant one bein Afro taper fade. This particular style has an ultra-clean cut surgical lines on the sides. Although this style is well-defined, some variations of design and styling exist. For boys with a kinky hair, the best choice would be a tapered curly Afro fade.

Cool beard looks

The list of the various designs and styles combination of the different fade haircut is endless. However, the listed ones are the most popular. Since haircut hairdo present endless possibilities, you are at liberty to set your standards and preference regarding the type of fade haircut that your kids sport. If you are asking where to get a fade haircut near me, then you can visit Mister Cutts Barber Shop or Scissors Barber Shop in Nairobi for the best local barber services.

Which style do you find attractive? Feel free to leave your highlights in the comments section.

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