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Beards, it is said, are a man’s primary cosmetic feature. Some men, though, are doomed because of their beards. Is it true that some men do not look well with beards? Probably! However, the issue usually lies in how beards are grown. Best looking goatee styles.

The shape of your face mostly determines Beard styles. It might be fun to grow a beard like your favorite celebrity, but you could end up disliking how it looks on your face if you don’t choose what works for you.

In this article, we’ve picked out a few things to help you figure out what style of beard would look great on your face. We’ve also found a few beard styles that are guaranteed to get you some dates.

What is the most popular Classic beard style?

Most fashion enthusiasts believe that women like clean-shaven faces and trim mustaches. However, some women are attracted to long stubble and a full beard, followed by a goatee, mustache, and a circle beard to round out the top seven. But it is also important to note that not all facial shapes complement this beard style.

How do I choose my beard style?

It takes longer than a “few months” for most men to develop a full beard. What will beard style make you appear like a celebrity once you’ve grown your beard?

Before settling on a certain beard cut, some important factors must be considered. Among them are some of the following:

Criteria No. 1: Facial Hair Thickness

Your facial hair style possibilities will expand if you have a full beard. If your beard or mustache is long and thick, you may wear it in various ways.

On the other hand, those who are naturally blessed with a patchy, sparse beard will have fewer alternatives when it comes to beard styles. The longer you let your beard grow, the more unruly and unattractive it will seem.

Beards and mustaches are acceptable in this context. Beards experts suggest that a man with sparse beard growth adheres to a shaved or neatly trimmed style. You should maintain a shortcut along the rim of your mouth and chin.

Beard look

If you have to resort to a chin strap beard to keep your beard at a reasonable length, you should probably reconsider your beard’s inclusion in your grooming routine.

Criteria No. 2: Take Your Face Shape into Account

After considering whether your beard is patchy or full, fashionistas advise considering your face shape when selecting a beard style. The more you strive for an oval form, the more balanced and in proportion your head will appear.

It would be best if you thought about how far your beard extends out from your face and how long it is below your chin.

It would be best if you thought about your hairdo in addition to your beard style options. A long beard and a high haircut complement a long, narrow face, giving the impression of an even longer head.

Types of Classic beard styles

Your beard style should work to accentuate facial features and provide depth and character. Only some haircuts will look good on some men since different face shapes call attention to different parts of the face. Some of the popular types of beards styles include:

Long beard style

Having the perseverance to grow your beard hair to its maximum potential is an incredible journey in and of itself. However, the effort is well worth the payoff since a full beard enhances your masculinity and makes you appear more attractive when you look in the mirror.

Remember that a long beard isn’t necessarily a healthy beard. Split ends and breakage are even more challenging to avoid as hair length increases. Inevitably, as your beard grows longer, it will thin down and lose some of the fullness and heft it had at, say, the four-inch point.

Short beard style

The adage that “bigger is always better” is not entirely accurate. You can also channel your inner cowboy with a neatly maintained short beard. The 5 o’clock shadow, scruffy beards, and the corporate beard are just a few examples of timeless short beard styles. It never goes out of style and is universally adored.

Best beard styles 2016

Let your hair grow for about a month if you want a short beard (depending on how fast your hair grows). About three weeks into growing out your beard, give it a quick trim for a more even appearance.

Medium beard style

Beards of a moderate length strike a nice middle ground. Because they don’t need to be trimmed as regularly, they demand a different kind of upkeep than a short beard but care nevertheless. Beard oil isn’t necessary for short beards but is recommended for medium and long beards to keep the skin below supple and healthy. You should also brush your hair frequently.

A decent set of scissors is useful for trimming a medium beard. Serrated blade scissors are recommended because the tiny serrations prevent the hair from sliding off the scissor during trimming. A medium beard’s sides, neck, and cheeks need extra attention since they can become unruly if left unattended, which is why regular sideburn trimming is essential.

Beard style for round face

Beard style for oval face

Oval-shaped faces are built to tolerate almost everything you toss at it or throw on it since it is round on both the top and the bottom but also somewhat longer than wide and lack excessive jawline definition. The advantage of having such a face is that you can shave their beards or do anything you want with your facial hair, and it still looks good. Some popular option for men with oval faces is long and awkwardly short beards.

Beard style for long thin face

Beard style for patchy beard

If your cheek, chin, or mustache hair is patchy, you can still have a great beard style.

However, things change drastically if your cheek hair is patchy. Facial hair should be grown in patches; hence the finest beard forms for patchy cheeks entail not growing facial hair on the cheeks at all. If your cheeks are patchy, play up your chin with a goatee, chinstrap, or goatee and mustache.

However, selecting a cut that will keep this area as hairless as possible, such as a chinstrap, is important when dealing with patchy chin hair. This clean cut takes careful hair trimming to create a narrow line from the sideburns to the jaw.

Beard styles for bald men

When you have a shaved or bald head, whether done on purpose or not, growing a beard may assist create contrast and definition, in addition to the fact that it looks pretty damn nice. Most beards look excellent with a bald head, but if you want to create even more definition in your features, it’s best to maintain your beard well-groomed and crisp.

Chin beard styles

Beard style for black men

To deal with the coarser texture of black hair, you must accept the fact that you are black. Gorgeous hairdos with this technique have been created for decades. Bear in mind that your facial shape should heavily influence your beard style.

The Full Beard is the most common facial hairstyle among black guys. Since contrast is the game’s name, this is a perfect choice for those who are balding or have short hair.

Furthermore, some black guys have made a massive statement with the short beard style. The “Five O’Clock Beard” is a popular short beard style among black guys. It has a reputation for projecting an air of casual ease. Scruffiness is really attractive to women.

Asian beard style

There is a common misconception that Asian men can only wear a select few beard styles. Asian guys could be at fault since they made poor beard-styling decisions.

However, the Asian goatee is a widely-accepted kind of facial hair. To pull it off, facial hair density is not essential. Ensure your chin patch goes below your chin line for maximum effect.

Beard styles like the Fu Manchu Mustache, short beards, and stubble are also common.
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