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The Accessory Shop Interface Stylish goatee styles.

The Accessory Shop is a Terminal where you can purchase various cosmetic items for your Dwarves, it's located in the Space Rig, close to the Mission Terminal.

The prices for cosmetics vary, they can go from immensely cheap to expensive as equipment upgrades. Each dwarf already has a number of items unlocked by default, each purchase of a beard, armor, headgear, hair color, etc. is specifically bought for the selected dwarf.

Vanity Items [ ]

In the shop there are currently:

44* Sets of armor (20 of which are from DLCs )(*11 per class with 1 earned at player rank level 100)

69 Pieces of headgear / hairstyles (53 from the shop, 11 from event rewards, 5 from DLCs ')

New shaving style for man

Skin Color [ ]

Hair Color [ ]

Armor Gallery [ ]

Side by side base game armor comparisons.

Headwear [ ]

Eyebrows [ ]

Moustache [ ]

Sideburns [ ]

Matrix Core Cosmetics [ ]

Introduced in Update 25: Endgame - Part 1, Matrix Core Cosmetics are infused matrix cores that can be crafted at the The Forge to unlock special cosmetics. They can be weapons paintjob, victory moves, head-wear, beard, moustache, and sideburn cosmetics. Matrix Core cosmetics can be unlocked from weekly Deep Dives, with one being rewarded per variant, per week. They can also be unlocked from the Weekly Core Hunts and Forge Mastery rewards. A Blank Matrix Core can also be converted during a Machine Events. Weapon Frameworks cosmetics can be obtained from Cargo Crates.

There are 16 weapons paintjobs, 9 Victory Moves, and 76 Character Cosmetics per class to unlock from matrix cores.

Character Cosmetics [ ]

There are four types of matrix core cosmetics: head-wear, beards, moustaches, and sideburns. Some of the beards have different versions of the beard: normal, armored, and gilded.

Victory Moves [ ]

Victory Moves are special animations that occur in the post-mission results screen. These animations will occur when a player completes and survives a mission. Some moves are unlocked by default, while others come from Matrix Cores craftable at the Forge, or from Cargo Crates.

Types of facial beards

Gallery previews of the moves are shown below.

See Also [ ]

Trivia [ ]

Comical Barrel Armor was available to purchase during the Experimental Branch phase of Update 14's development, but it was removed before the Update was pushed to the live branch. It is unknown if or when it will return.

As of Version 1.0, it costs a total of 3,143,540 Credits, 3,810 Umanite, 4,330 Magnite, 4,518 Jadiz, 4,400 Bismor, 3,418 Croppa, and 4,108 Enor Pearls to purchase everything in the Accessory Store across all four classes. (Limited items and Forged cosmetics not included)

The yellow skin color in game got the name Jaundice in reference to the YouTuber Criken's Early Access video in which they made a recurring gag about the Dwarves contracting jaundice.

The Ace of Spades headwear is a hat in reference to one of Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister's hats, bassist and lead vocalist of the famous rock band Motörhead.

Male facial hair styles

The description for the Flight Commander headwear is a reference to the Sopwith Camel fighter plane, a mainstay of the United Kingdom Royal Air Force during the First World War.
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