Cool beard trims. 40 Ritzy Shaved Sides Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men

Looking cool, trendy, presentable, stylish and ritzy is as important for a contemporary man as it is for a modern woman. When a woman first meets a man, his hairstyle is the first thing she notices, well, after his shoes, of course:) Luckily, the importance of a flattering hairstyle in one’s look is well-understood and goes without saying. The other thing is choose a cut and style according to the current hair trends. Shaved sides hairstyles and haircuts for men are a very popular theme currently. Shaving style boys.

Shaved Sides Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men

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#1: Shaved Sides Blowback

There’s no shame in borrowing your girlfriend’s blow-dryer to achieve a blowback, but you’re going to want to get your own styling products. Start with a light styling lotion that will build body as you are drying. Once you’ve got hair in place, spray it to keep it there. But don’t overdo it.

#2: Shaved Rocker Crop

Even if you’re an expert in barber shop lingo, this cut will be nearly impossible to explain, so bookmark this picture. The undercut below the hawk starts sharply to create a line of delineation. Shaved sides hairstyles men can sport nowadays offer tons of room for experimentation, so go ahead!

#3: 90s Shaved High and Tight

Glad the 90s are back? Rock the bleached look with a shaved side part that looks cool on dark hair. Be committed though. If you’re not into upkeep, you can later shave off the top to avoid root issues. Ombre is not for dudes—yet.

#4: Prohibition Era Short Sides Style

Go for a pomp with vintage appeal. Not only is there a nice fade on the shaved back and sides, but there are also layers. Layering that goes front-to-back is essential for honing in on this classic style. If you’re too proud to use pomade, this is not for you!

#5: Military Style Cut

If you want to go for the short on sides long on top look but you’re not a pompadour kind of guy, you can keep it more modern with a high and tight. Ask your barber for a taper that starts well above the temples and let him know whether you want a skin fade or a classic fade.

#6: Perfect Shaved Fade

Mens haircuts may get longer with time, but this style will always remain popular. This is a very masculine haircut that looks clean and accurate. Just make sure to find a barbershop that offers you beer every time. Yeah, it’s a thing.

#7: Shaved Sides with Pomp

If you’ve got straight, thick hair and you’re thinking of going for this style, you should. You’re already halfway there. Clearly communicate with your barber about what you want, and you’re golden. Remember: the top part doesn’t fade into the rest because its shortest strand is way longer than the shaved sides.

#8: Shaved Sides and Waves

A shaved sides haircut doesn’t have to be really long on top, but just long enough to make that distinction. With one side shaved to make a part, this cut has a clean style. Natural waves need just a little styling product to stay smooth.

#9: High Arch Shaved Design

This guy has tons of swag. Rocking a beard with no side burns? Yes he did. The high arched design and sculptural top are super clean. If you can walk out of your barber shop looking this cool, you should feel proud to know your barber.

#10: Short Sides with Long Waves

Guys with wavy hair should not be afraid to try a pomp with shaved back and sides. You don’t have to blow dry every time but instead simply brush it back and let it dry. Ask your barber for a taper, not a skin fade.

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#11: Haircut with Designs

Rock side shaved hair with sick designs. Ask to see your barber’s portfolio or scope him out on Instagram before you go to be sure you’re in good hands. Style the top part forward, then in the very front, brush it back to create the wave.

#12: Classic Pompadour

Mens hairstyles with vintage appeal are one of the best ways to stand out. No wallflowers allowed. Blow hair back and over the side to build body. Use a smoothing cream with medium hold. Now the world knows you’ve got personality and style.

#13: Naturally Cool Shaved Crop

Small pomps can easily be created with natural texture. You’ll get that undone, hipsterish look that will carry you through the streets of the coolest urban enclaves. Talk to your barber about the inches—how many inches you want in the height. Air dry and carry on.

#14: Shaved with Side Part Pomp

Show off your steez with a short sides long top haircut. Add height with a side part and a pomp that is swept to the side. Ask for a fade that tapers gradually toward the nape instead of straight across the back of your head. Bonus points? Beard.

#15: Shaved Hipster Undercut

Every hipster loves an undercut (a super long top with no discernible layering and ultra-short shaved back and sides) and there is more than one way to style it. But if you just so happen to have some tats and piercings that you want to display, go for the classic option and slick it back.

#16: Exaggerated Side Part with Short Sides

This cool cut is one part retro pomp and one part modern crop. The overall effect is timeless for sure. When you’re in the barber chair, make sure to request clean, sharp edges alone the hairline. Then keep strands smooth with a heat protectant cream before you blow out. Think sleek.

#17: Fade with Shaved Design

Show off a tribal design with side shaved hairstyles that are impressive and unique. The sharp edges along the hairline and perfectly styled upper section make for a clean look. When you’re going for designs, remember that the rest of the cut has to match that level of perfection.

#18: Tousled Top and Short Sides

Not every mens hairstyle needs to be stiff. Pick what works for your overall style. If you want something a bit more rugged, ask for choppy, tousled layers on top. Just in case you didn’t know, girls love this texture and you might get some unwarranted head rubs. Yes, please.

#19: Shaved Sides Curly Crop

This crop exudes a cool, city chic vibe. Why? It’s not trying too hard. It’s barely trying at all. Embrace your natural texture. Just wake up and go. The height on the top will undoubtedly have you walking confidently. Trust us. We know.

#20: Swept Over and Shaved Taper

A perfect side part is key to this long on top short on sides haircut. If your hair is naturally wavy, go ahead and embrace that. You can either blow it over or simply brush it over. To get this super sleek style, employ a styling mousse during the drying phase and a hairspray after.

#21: Men Bun Cool Down

When the weather warms, the hair goes up – as is shown in this unique men’s look. Starting with a basic shaved side style, hair is then pulled up into a knot (or bun, if you prefer) to keep your head cool and manageable in the summer time.

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#22: Shaved Sides Hairstyles Men Love

In this classic example of a shaved sides hairstyle, the model is rocking a long top short sides cut. This keeps hair looking soft and romantic without appearing too feminine, as many longer hairstyles tend to do.

#23: Modern Mane with Short Sides

When you’re deliberating through shaved sides hairstyle men options, take a pause at this modern, hipster look that’s really popular right now. The perfect transition from longer textured hair on top to closely clipped sides and minimal facial hair is sleek, modern and simple to maintain.

#24: Short and Bold

This hairstyle features shaved sides, carefully sculpted facial hair and short hair on top. Keeping the hair just long enough to work in some tough guy style, this hairdo is perfect for all ethnicities and hair types.

#25: Shaved Side Hairstyle

Hairstyles with shaved sides are very trendy right now, especially those that embrace facial hair. You can grow your beard thick with longer hair on top while still incorporating a style with shaved sides. This balances out the rest of your facial features, giving you a hot lumberjack look without looking like a backwoods recluse.

#26: Undercut Shaved Style

An undercut gives a whole new dimension to hairstyling. Keep the hair long on top and style it up with a mousse – try combing hair to one side or straight back to diversify this style.

#27: Side Part and Faded Sides

Taking a cue from many creative African-American shaved side hairstyles, this haircut can work well on any nationality. Keep hair long on top and get the shaved sides faded until hair is almost completely obsolete – darkening and thickening again throughout the facial hair.

#28: Short and Curly

Curly-haired guys can feel left out of many longer-haired looks – but not so with this cool look. Having the hair tapered above the earline while keeping the center a bit longer is a nice haircut idea. You can side sweep the hair and enhance its texture with a product. Add in a beard to bring maturity to the final design.

#29: Shaved Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Again, curly hair can be accentuated rather than eliminated when the style is done right. Get a fade haircut with a medium length on top of the head. Add in your favorite curl gel or mousse to keep things under control.

#30: Throwback Simplicity

Reminiscent of middle school style from the 90s, this hairstyle is easily updated for the modern man. Hair stays relatively long up top while gradually fading by layer of thickness as the strands are working their way down to the ear line. A clean-shaven look is best with this style, although facial hair can be handsomely added if you want to look more mature.

#31: Combed Back Hair with Beard

Some shaved hairstyles don’t need to be fancy or high maintenance. This style screams simplicity without sacrificing style. Open and friendly with a combed back top and a perfectly groomed beard, this style is professional enough for work but still quite laid back for weekend fun.

#32: Shaved Style for Thinner Hair

If your hair is thinning, a shaved sides style can actually conceal this fact from the average observer. Leave your hair long up top to draw attention away from the struggling areas, and keep the sides closely clipped.

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#33: Modern Men’s Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Look handsome and well put together with this medium-length style that works in shaved sides and subtle facial hair. This style will accentuate your facial features and add length to your face.

#34: Wild and Fun Style

For younger guys (or those young at heart), this hairstyle is awesome. Spiky longer hair on top is fun and cool. The shaved sides blend easily with the continued facial hair that is neat, but far from being precisely shaped.

#35: Shaved Sides Slicked Back Hairstyle

You don’t have to choose between long or short thanks to men’s shaved sides hairstyles like this one. Brush the top hair back and add some holding product to show off your perfectly shaved sides without losing the long-haired look you love.

#36: Spiral Carved Haircut with a Side Shaved

This hairstyle really accentuates the center spikes, bringing dimension and fun to your statement style. You don’t have to go with this particular hair art – choose from zig zags, curves, words and more. Make it your own!

#37: Long Men’s Haircut – Shaved Sides Included

Punk out with this throwback hairstyle that incorporates modern etching in the shaved portion. The shaved sides keep the focus on the long middle hair – add in some fun hair color for extra attention.

#38: Slicked Back Seriousness

Sometimes men prefer a formal, slicked back look but their hair is too thick to pull it off. Shaved sides easily solve this dilemma, effectively thinning the hair while leaving room for plenty of style. Use a strong gel or mousse if you want your hair to stay neatly side swept all day long.

#39: Combed Forward Style

Some shaved hairstyles for men are simple but creative in outcome. This style features clean shaven sides combined with a thick brushed forward top. Younger men look best with this style, which works best for straight thicker hair.

#40: Long Facial Hair Chic

Men are really embracing the hot trend of combining shaved sides with longer hair on top and facial hair. Bringing this variation of length and texture is starting a whole new style revolution for thick-haired men who love style dimension. Get the sides shaven to really accentuate the top hair, while allowing your beard to be longer than average to tie the whole style together.

As you see, haircuts with shaved sides can be styled in a number of various creative ways. Thanks to their variety, they suit any hair type and any face shape. Save the pictures you like to show to your stylist and get a new trendy look… the sooner the better!
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