Different types of mustaches and beards. Beards vs Clean Shaven: What’s Hot Right Now?, Dapper Confidential

Beards have been popular for the last few years and many men have embraced facial hair. However you may be wondering if beards on their scruffy last legs and set to go the way of man buns or are beards still in style? Should you grow a beard or shave it off? Mens face shaving styles.

We asked six style experts to weigh in on the male facial hair trends we've seen in the last couple of years - and are likely to see in the coming years.

The overall verdict is that beards are still in — but in a less-scruffy, more well-groomed way than before. Facial hair trends change quickly - read on to decide where you land on the Beards vs. Clean Shaven spectrum.

There's no hard and fast rule on whether you should grow a beard or shave it off this year. Facial hair styles have as much to do with your own personal style as anything.

Men shaving style

Growing a beard can be a great way to express your personal style and every guy should try growing one at least once in his life. However truly embracing the bearded look depends on much more than what's in style. Consider your beard hair growth (some guys find they have patchy or irregular facial hair), facial shape and whether it contributes to or distracts from your overall personal style.

• Keep it short and structured.

• Consider embracing stubble rather than a full beard.

Types of beards 2016

• Go to a barber shop for a hot shave and learn how to use a straight razor.

• Invest in quality shaving equipment that will reduce skin irritations associated with shaving.

• Make shaving an enjoyable ritual complete with shaving brush and aftershave.

Low beard styles

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