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Fawad Khan is a Pakistani film actor, singer, and model. Fawad Khan has a charming personality, Indian says. Fawad khan works in Pakistani movies, Indian movies, Pakistani dramas, and modeling. Fawad Khan hairstyle is famous among both countries Pakistan and India. His fans follow Fawad Khan haircut and Fawad Khan beard style. Fawad khan played his debut role in Khuda K Liay moves, and in this movie he played a supporting role. Fawad Khan new hairstyle boost his personality and his fans love the way he styles his hair and dress he wears. Beard hairstyle 2016.

Here are the best, new and trendy Fawad Khan Haircut that you will make his fans and followers charm. Take a look at these hairstyles and add a bit more style in your life with tremendous fashion trends of Fawad Khan.

Fawad Khan Haircut in Khoobsurat

Fawad Khan played the role of the prince in movie Khoobsurat. A hopelessly romantic young doctor (Sonam Kapoor) falls in love with her patient’s son (Fawad Khan) is engaged to someone else and he is completely opposite to her. In Khoobsurat Fawad Khan got a charming look, his fans definitely love the hairstyle.

Fawad Khan with Kareena Kapoor

Our Prince Charming Fawad Khan with Kareena Kapoor is like a pied piper; wherever he goes, his style always trends the fashion. What a cute coincidence! Fawad Khan got a pocket square that is matched accents of Kareena’s dress. Here is Fawad Khan with Bollywood queen the charming Kareena Kapoor.

Fawad Khan Beard Style With Katrina Kaif

Here is trending Fawad Khan beard style at the time of promotion with Katrina Kaif the Bollywood beauty. After Fawad Khan’s hairstyle, his millions of fans are in love with the way he styles his beard and mustaches. No doubt Katrina Kaif also carry an attractive personality.

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Fawad Khan Hairstyle with Alia Bhatt

Fawad Khan played a role in move Kapoor and Sons. A story that revolves around a critical family of 2 young brothers who discover that their parent’s marriage is a big climax when they visit their family. In this movie, Fawad Khan hairstyle makes his fan happy.

Fawad Khan With His Family

Here is Fawad Khan with his family in wearing winter dress. Fawad Khan has always been a role model for both Indian and Pakistani fans in the fashion industry. In this photo, Fawad Khan is with his cute son Ayaan and his gorgeous wife Sadaf.

Fawad Khan With Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan with Fawad Khan looks gorgeous in movie Hamsafer promotion screen. There are only a few moments where you will see F awad Khan photos without the beard. But actually, he looks so cute and young age boy without his beard. Fawad Khan and Mahira khan couple always inspire their fans.

The Mysterious Look

The mysterious look of Fawad Khan carries on to his hairstyle and the overall glimpse of his haircut just sheds a whole lot of mystery. F awad khan photos attract The luxurious-looking, shimmering and glossy hairdo of his, makes it quite advertised-ready and that’s just one of the features of being a star.

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Fawad Khan With His Wife Sadaf

It’s not a secret that there are a lot of fans of Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. Fawad Khan’s hairstyle and beard in his latest movie Ae Dil Ha Mushkil made his fans happy. Fawad Khan’s wide Sadaf carry an attractive personality just like Fawad Khan.

Fawad Khan with Sonam Kapoor

Anil Kapoor’s gorgeous baby daughter and Pakistani top class actor Fawad Khan has given us more and enough reasons to look up to their fashion trends. Fawad is always excited to experiment with his own beard styles and hairstyles. Here is Fawad Khan photo with Gorgeous Sonal Kapoor.

Of course, this is not the end. There are hundreds of more Fawad Khan’s photos that you can use to get an idea about your hairstyle. Fans of Fawad Khan are from both countries Pakistan and India and of course, they just not watch his movies but follow his fashion trends. For more visit Latest hairstyles for men and cute boys haircuts .


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