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This is a post detailing the tidbits of the newly-trending side swept Undercut as one of the most-popular hairstyles in 2015 and 2016. If you have any questions concerning this hairstyle, then you may ask them in the commenting section (below this guide). Beard hairstyle 2016.

With the slicked back Undercut hairstyle being left behind as one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles in 2013 and with the man bun Undercut starting to run out of “trendy fuel”, we are beginning to see the side swept Undercut hairstyle being used more and more as one of the Undercut styles that will be rocking 2016 without a doubt. When done styled right and when the Undercut is done right, this is how good it looks when it’s fresh out of the barbershop chair:

What is a side swept?

A side swept is a type of slicked-hair style that has the hair flattened to the side via the parting of horizontal line at either the right temple or the left temple. Whichever temple of your head that you decide to use to part the line is (mostly) irrelevant; as an example, in the United States, the line for the side swept is usually parted at the left left temple and the hair is combed to the right. On the other hand, parting your side swept at the right temple is used as a “secret” visual cue in Latin-American countries to indicate that you’re gay (to other gay males). However, as said, just part the line at whichever temple you fancy and get on with your day.

Introducing the side swept to the always-trending Undercut

Flat hairstyles have a place in this world; there’s no doubt about that. Flat hairstyles like the side swept and the slicked back style have been using for over 100 years, so no matter what type of haircut you get (or how extreme it may be), you will always be able to transform your extreme/trendy hairstyle into a classic style by simply combing it backwards or to the side.

Types of men's beards

During the decade of the 2010s, the Undercut has experienced a progressive transformation, and the latest transformation is its styling with said side swept hairstyle. The sides and back of the head are left disconnected with a sharp ridge (as per a textbook Undercut haircut) while the hair that is swept to the side smooths the sharp ridge of the Undercut, making the haircut look like it was tapered. This smoothing effect of the side-swept hair is what makes this hairstyle so popular as you can go from a crazy Brush Up Undercut to a more-classic and formal flat-hair look.

This is how a good side swept Undercut looks like with a hipster beard:

If you want to emulate the full look of the gentleman above, then the hair is to be styled and swept with a water-based pomade, while the haircut for the Undercut is a “number 2” hair-clipper length. As for the hipster beard (i.e. a full long beard), I recommend that you oil it every other day with natural oils. The beard length is 2 inches; remember that facial hair (i.e. the hair of your beard) grows at the same rate as scalp hair (i.e. the hair on the top of your head). Thus, facial hair grows half an inch per month, give or take one-eighth of an inch.

Men's hair and beard styles 2016

If you have any questions on how to get a side swept Undercut, then please let me know by posting your questions below.
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